Face book faces $ 163 million fine



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The European Union can pay a fine of US $ 163 million while risking the personal information of five million subscribers. According to the Wall Street Journal report, the Ireland’s Data Protection Commission said on Saturday that they wanted more information about the danger of hacking. Ireland’s top policymaker is Ireland’s Data Protection Commission. According to the commission, there may have been a breach of the EU’s new ‘General Data Protection’ law on privacy issues.
In May this year the strictest privacy law was introduced. The legislation is done to protect the personal information of the customer in the European Union. If an organization does not take appropriate measures to protect the customer’s information, they are subject to the maximum of $ 2.3 million or four percent of the annual income of the company under this law. According to the report, the fine will be collected according to which the figure will be large.
The maximum penalty for Face book can be 163 million US dollars. Before the hacking of the investigations here, the proper steps were taken to protect the information from Face book.
In the new law, policy makers have to inform about the possible hacking in three days. In that case, the maximum penalty will be two percent of the company’s annual income. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission said, Face book has reported this time within this time. However, “there was a shortage of detailed information”.
It is not enough reason to justify the company if it is a victim of hacking. There is a need to investigate this case. The Wall Street Journal report mentions that if the organization supports the investigation, the EU does not generally pay the maximum penalty. On Friday, Face book has said that the personal information of nearly five crore subscribers was exposed in the hacking incident. Hackers have also been told that the personal information of the customer has been obtained from third-party apps like Tinder, Speype, Airbnb and Instagram.
It is still unclear  is the right hand behind this incident. It is not known whether any particular person was noticed or not.


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