Canceled Nafata, came USMCA US-Canadian New Trade Agreement



International desk:
The US and Canada have reached a new trade agreement with Mexico. British media said the new agreement would be effective instead of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta). The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will allow the entry of more US products into Canada’s dairy products market. And Canada’s car exports will be specified in the United States. However, details of this agreement were not disclosed in the United States-Canada joint statement.
US President Donald Trump has been talking about changing the Nafta deal for a long time. Under this agreement, there is a trade of about one billion dollars.
But Canadians are worried that they can exit the deal.

According to a joint statement by the United States and Canada on Sunday, Canada and the United States reached a new and modern trade agreement with Mexico in the 21st Century today. United States Secretary of State Robert Lathisar and Canadian Foreign Minister Christia Freeland signed the statement.
It is said in the statement that this agreement will give an excellent trade agreement to our workers, peasants, herdsmen and traders, which will give positive results in free market, free trade and economic progress of this region. The new agreement was announced in the US trade war with several countries by increasing tariffs. United States of America and Canada have increased tariffs on Aluminum
although the details of what is actually in the contract are not yet disclosed, the BBC says it is expected that the sub-section of Canadian dairy industry and car exports to the United States is inserted. Quoting a source, Reuters reported that US farmers will have access to 3.5 percent of the US farmer’s milk market


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