There is no way to understand that it is Maheshkhal -26 No North Halishahar



staff reporter:
There is no way to understand that it is Maheshkhal. The middle portion of Halishahar Maheshkhal is now almost dead. The canal has been turned into a dump for a long time. It is in the picture of Moheshkhal adjacent to B-Block Trade School in North Halishahar Ward No. 26. This part of the canal is a fixed place for garbage disposal. All the garbage that comes in the area falls into this part of Maheshkhal.
Locals said that the area was becoming ineligible for the waste of garbage. Due to this waste, mosquitoes are growing day after day. They said they could not be protected from mosquito breeding even by using mosquito coil or spray.
Akmal Hossain, a resident of North Halishahar B-Block, No. 6, said that mosquitoes could not burn in the area. Even in the daytime, the mosquito hangs up. Basically, these mosquitoes are being caused due to the dirt. People of the city corporation do not regularly attend to take dirt. When one week comes again and then disappears. There is no fixed dustbin, so the locals throw dirt wherever there is.
Rezaul Karim, a local pharmaceutical shopkeeper (pharmacy) said that once the canal was dug up to one and a half years ago. I did not even dig in or dig in it. Now the field has to be filled from the canal. Everyone left here all the dirt here. As a result, mosquito breeding has begun to be intolerable. During the day, we can not burn the store coil. But the city corporation does not see any such initiative.
Noakhali North ward councilor 26 Abul Hashem said in this context, we used to clean the canal regularly with the esquetor. But after taking the responsibility of the CDA canal, their responsibility to dig the canal or keep them clean. I have told CDA authorities many times about digging canals. The CDA authorities have not done any work yet. But excavations have worked in some places towards Barapul.
Abul Hashem said about mosquito breeding, people of the city corporation were given medicines for a few days after the mosquito. Still do not work. The area is very large; it is not possible to take medicines together in the whole area. Today one area, another area, tomorrow is going through medicines. Still, the mosquito bites are not decreasing in any way.


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