Shakib Al Hasan daughter Alaina Hasan Abri is keeping her father in check



Sports reporter:
Shakib Al Hasan was back home on the day of the important match against Pakistan in the Asia Cup. The condition of the injured finger was so bad that the country had to get back to work quickly. Shakib is still undergoing treatment at a private hospital in the capital. If the situation improved, yesterday it was supposed to be released.
A picture of Shakib lying on the hospital’s cabin in Bangladesh-India game was spread through social media. Many people brought water in the eye, On Saturday, posted a picture of Shakib Al Hasan daughter Alaina Hasan Abri. All eyes and eyes can be seen in the caption and the eyes can be wet Shakib is seen in the picture posted on the bed of the hospital Shakib Alayana lying on the chest. Shakib writes in the caption of the film, ‘He does not want to hide my eyes. My daughter does not want doctors to come to the slope, so that they cannot hurt me. “Meanwhile, Shakib’s wife Umesh Shishir also posted a similar picture on his Facebook page, saying,” He (Alaina) does not want to leave him (Shakib) . The shielded daughter does not want doctors to come near her. She thinks they hurt her father and His heart crying. He was sleeping beside his father to keep the doctors away. “Meanwhile, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza rushed to hospital after seeing an eye on Shakib Al Hasan from Dubai. At around 12 o’clock in hospital, he spent about two hours with Shakib. At the time, close friend of Shakib Khan Khan, confirmed that almost all of Mashrafe-Shakib’s conversations were in the Asia Cup final. Both of them have not been able to win the title of regret and regret. Talking about the two, Shakib has not been able to play the game repeatedly. Shakib did when he used to bowlers needed to bowl much, after the start of the flight, if Shakib got the chance, the innings could have been different. The friend of Shakib told that Mehdi Hassan Miraj went to see Shakib yesterday morning. The interesting fact is that for the first time father got the right-hand pacer Taskin Ahmed, to remove his tension, to make a short chat with his elder brother. Before the arrival of Mashrafe, the Bangladesh Cricket Board President Nazmul Hassan Papon went to the hospital to inquire about Shakib. He also spent about half an hour with Shakib. He said that Shakib’s left-hand finger was the last condition of the finger. Shakib’s finger infections are not likely to go out of Shakib’s country for the better treatment of Shakib. That means before waiting for the infection to be free going abroad for the main treatment. Shakib’s finger treatment better where? The first was heard in the United States. But now Australia and England are also being heard. Most of the players, including Mashrafe, have been treated for the hand and foot injuries of Australia’s David Yong. Shakib’s treatment can also be in Australia. Meanwhile, going to England to treat his wrists, Tamim talked to Shakib on mobile phone. It is known that Tamim has given Shakib the idea of ​​medical treatment in England. At the end, Shakib will decide himself where he will be treated later. However, it is going to be waiting for some days for everyone.


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