Fuller respect for parents can be fulfilled in their own lives -AZM Nasir Uddin



Chittagong bureau:
Mayor of City Corporation AZM Nasir Uddin said that in the proper ministry of the parents, the child was created as an educated and capable citizen. So if their child has absolute respect then their own lives
May be full. In the renowned educational institute, the students who have got the opportunity to take lessons due to their parents. For this, each student is bound by gratitude towards his parents must have.
He said this as the chief guest on the occasion of the reception of Bangladesh Mahila Samity Girl’s School and College on the occasion of Sunday (Sunday). GEC of the city At Convention Center
Anwara Begum, Principal of Bangladesh Mahila Samity Girls’ High School and College presided over the program. Powerful member councilor Mohammad Gias Uddin,
General guardian Jamshedul Alam Chowdhury, Shafiq-ul-Alam Chowdhury, Mohammad Salahuddin, Ziauddin Chowdhury Shaheen and Umme Habiba Akhi and outgoing educationist Monowara Begum.
City Mayor said that there is no alternative way open without creating people with rich, enlightened and value-added people. Because of self-centeredness, selfishness works more and more towards the people of the country
Neighbors do not have the responsibility.
Although education is a fundamental right in lexical sense, people can not accept education if they do not get the opportunity. Those who try to implement the right to education by distributing their resources, they are truly great
Person Mayor said, only the school-college authorities are not enough to promote an educational institution with the benefits of multidisciplinary facilities. Infrastructure development is where the parents are spontaneous partners
Possible Once upon a time, in the spread of education in Chittagong, donor educated people played an important role. Many nominal educational institutions in Chittagong were established in their benevolence today the number of wealthy
more than ever before. But most of them do not have any responsibility for the promotion of education.
He called on the rich and said that if they come forward with social responsibility, they will surely achieve immortality and will be in the hearts of the people.
City Mayor AZM Nasir Uddin handed over the crest of the students who passed the primary education closing, Junior School Certificate Examination-017, SSC and HSC-2018.


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