Flying to the Sky the first fighter made by China


International Desk:

China’s state-of-the-art media fighter has been flying in the sky for the first time, state media said.
The FTC-2000G warship has been created by China’s state-owned defense company Aviation Industry Core of China (AVIC).
Although the fixed wings can be used in different areas, its main task will be to hit targets on the ground. It can be used as a fighter and training aircraft simultaneously, Avic said. Saturday morning, China Daily said that the aircraft flew about 10 minutes in cloudy sky. According to the Indo Asian News Agency report, according to Avic, it is a slightly modified version of the improved training aircraft. China’s Air force Onyevi uses such a plane. The modern radar and fire control system can be in the sky for three hours. It is capable of carrying three ton of mineralization, a rocket and a bomb, said manufacturers.


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