The Padma Bridge is being named in the name of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina: Quader


Staff reporter:
Road transport and electricity minister Obaidul Quader said that the country’s longest road bridge under Padma river is being named in the name of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. While visiting Padma Bridge on Saturday, he told journalists that despite the objections of Sheikh Hasina, public opinion was in favor of the bridge in its name. After the process of construction of the 6-kilometer long Padma Bridge, its name is ruling in the name of the father of the nation’s father Begum Fazilatunnessa Mujib.

A parliamentary member of Awami League proposed. The parliamentary committee accepted the proposal and the government recommended it. -Badnews
Later, after the uncertainty in Tangdar with the World Bank, Sanjida Khanam, another MP from Awami League, kept the proposal to be named after Sheikh Hasina in Parliament after spending the money in its own sense. In his words, Sheikh Hasina stood in the middle of international conspiracy, as the name of this bridge is in her name.
Awami League General Secretary Quader told reporters in Munshiganj that the Bangladesh Bridge Authority has decided to name the Padma Bridge Sheikh Hasina and sent summons to the Prime Minister’s Office.
He said, Bangabandhu said repeatedly that the name of the bridge named Padma River will be named. But parliamentary and outside public opinion is named after the name of our Prime Minister. So Bangladesh Bridge Authority wants to reflect public opinion.
Regarding public opinion, Kader said many letters from different social and cultural organizations came. Everyone’s opinion, named after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The Ministry has been informed about the name of ‘Sheikh Hasina Bridge’ by feeling the pressure of public opinion.
In the name of Sheikh Hasina, she also said she would be brave to build a bridge in her own way by turning away from the World Bank. Kader said, his (Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina) Padma Bridge is the only golden crop of courage.
I cannot imagine in my dreams that this bridge is being constructed without foreign aid. So, the bridge has decided to name the Bridge of 6 decimal 15 kilometers.
In the hope of inaugurating this bridge next year, the minister said, the overall progress of the project has been 59 percent. And the main bridge progressed to 70 percent


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