If you have a stomach problems, eat it



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Due to digestion problems, stomach gas is caused due to which the stomach is swollen or tilted. To remedy this problem, you can take some domestic solutions.
Come on, do not know if the stomach hives, the foods that you eat.
Ginger: Ginger is a known natural treatment for stomach bad. This is one of those foods which can reduce the stomach swelling. Caretan Farms Health and Nutrition Consultant and Registered Dietarian Deborah Orlic Levi said, “It helps digestion and releases from various stomach problems.” To get rid of the stomach, you can add fresh chilies, egg-tea and curd with fresh ginger.
Water: The stomach is swollen, so are you surprised to hear the water? But Levi said, “Normal water plays a role in reducing your stomach.” To add water to taste, add cucumber, orange or lemon slices.
Kfir and Yogurt: If dairy products are not a problem for you, then you can eat kaffir (fastened milk beverages) and yogurt. Rene Fiske, chief nutrition expert of Seattle Sutton’s Helndy’s Eating, said that both have probiotics, which are good for stomach and body, and effective in stomach dislocation. Kfir and yogurt increase beneficial bacteria in the gut, which helps to work more effectively in the digestive tract. As a result, your tendency of gas accumulation and stomach swallowing will decrease. ‘
Cucumber: Cucumber can reduce the stomach hives. Fisk said, ‘Cucumbers are filled with fiber, which helps digestive tracks work well.’
Tomatoes: Tomatoes are excellent for reducing belly hives. Fisk said, “Tomato is rich in potassium, which protects the balance of sodium levels, which reduces water accumulation and stomach hives.”
Papaya: Beautiful to see papaya, delicious to eat It can play an effective role in reducing stomach hives. Adrian Yuddim, director of the Center for Weight Loss and Nutrition, Lasik Clinic, California, said, “In a small study, the reception of papaya supplementation had reduced the gas problem, including belly flaps.”
Fennel: Anise can reduce your stomach jumps. You can eat fennel seeds or drink fennel tea. Dr. Nico said, “Studies have shown that there is a great source of reactions to the reduction of the intravenous grease and reducing hives, besides other benefits.”
Peppermint: “Peppermint tea is excellent for digestion support after eating any food.” Peppermint is a therapeutic herb, which is used in many digestive problems, including stomach bumps. One of the mint leaves of peppermint tea leaves.


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