Haqqars take part in the beautification of roads and highway In the middle of the Shah Amanat Bridge and the Chaktai Marines Road



Chittagong bureau:
In the middle of the Shah Amanat Bridge and the Chaktai Marines Road, the floating shop was relegated to the place of beautification. The trees planted on the side of the road are being damaged. Locals complained, even after splitting the two bars, the police had given the opportunity to set up these shops in exchange for a clandestine. It is found that a buzz shop has been established by grabbing the place of beautification in the footpath and road side. These shops have been set up in the vicinity of trees planted for beautification of the road. Tea shops, chairs, tables, stoves were installed. There are 15 such tea shops. Drinking cigarettes, fruit shops have been installed. It has become difficult for people to walk through footpaths. Hundreds of people have come down from the car and have come to the beach in the picnic area due to the sidewalk movement. Locals are afraid of the accident. Local businessmen said, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina evicted illegal structures in the area of ​​Roads and Highways Department (Sauj) Shah Amanat Bridge before the public meeting of Patiya. Earlier it was evicted again. After repeated eviction again illegal installations were established. However, after the Prime Minister’s Patiya rally, it has long established illegal structures here. But last month, the whole part of the shop has been set up.
Locals complained, these shops have been installed in the direct fire of police. Police took money from these shops daily. 50 rupees from the van and the tea shops are collected from one and a half taka. On behalf of the police, a man named Kamal hoisted these funds. Taka 5 to 10 thousand taka has been taken to allocate the space. Baklia and Chattai police outposts were hoisted in the name of the outpost. Apart from shops, the lamppiece (every bulb) is taken to Tk 20.
Locals said the beauty of the Shah Amanat Bridge and Chaktai Mariner’s roads were planted in the empty place and beautified them. Visitors to the Shah Amanat Bridge have also constructed beautiful sightseeing. But the movement of people after the sidewalk and occupation of the vacant place became risky. After this section of the Shah Amanat Bridge was occupied, the zero cercal area  has now become the land of illegal occupants. Subscriptions are collected from every store daily and monthly. Apart from the ammunition of Shah Amanat Bridge, many leaders of the business association of Chattai and Khatunganj said on condition of anonymity, the police have established illegal shops in important and busy areas. Having long traffic congestion is causing major losses in trade and commerce. He said that after the evacuation of these illegal structures, they were recharged again.


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