Criticism of Liton’s outburst



Sports reporter:
Bangladesh opener Liton Das took the first century in the Asia Cup for the Century. Liton got his first century of the match against India in the Asia Cup final of the 14th edition. Even in the previous 17 matches he did not get any half-century. In the batting line-up of Liton, it was nice to start batting but in the end Bangladesh could not build big capital never opened in life. Liton Das was batting on Monday with Mehdi Hasan Miraj. Many eyes were on the forehead. It was even more noticeable when Liton-Miraj opened the opening partnership with a score of 120 in the scoreboard. This is the beginning of dreams in the Asia Cup final. But the dream soon turned into nightmares. In the last few major matches against India, the umpiring controversy has also emerged. Bangladeshi supporters got angry again. Bangladesh score of 120/0 finished with 222 runs in 48.3 overs. The teammates were uninterrupted as they came in only Liton Das. The right-handed opener, carrying 117 runs from 117 balls, was taking Bangladesh to a bigger role. The controversy over the refereeing of the Liton Das was revised again. Lilton went to flick the ball of Indian legspinner Kuldeep Yadav in the 41st over. Dhoni refused to bat, because of the decision to stump up the wicket of Dhoni. The third umpire has reviewed for a long time and finally declared it out. According to Crichinfo’s commentary, ‘his legs were in line. Behind it Liton was out in a very short distance. This man has played so well that it would have taken him out. ”
Liton’s legs were not in any way out of the scars. There is not much of a world in the world that the batsmen have been given out in these cases. Only a few can be found. There is no way in a big match like the Asia Cup final. Why is this astonishing controversy in Bangladesh against India repeatedly? How did Rohit Sharma live out of controversial umpiring because of the 2015 World Cup quarter-finisher Rubel Hossain? After getting that life in the 40th over, he added another 47 runs which was very important behind India’s victory. Once again, the Umpire gave birth to the debate. TV replay shows that in the first phase, the legs were safe before stumping Dhoni’s ball, but leg before wicket was littan dasas. But everyone surprisingly announced the third umpire Rod Tucker out. After this there was a storm of criticism through social media.
Anis Mandal wrote on Facebook, we have won. The game does not need to get up .
Anwar Sadat, another writer, wrote that Liton Das’ Auata reminded the India-Bangladesh match again in the World Cup … Anyway India will have to win in the final…. India always plays against us 14… !!! This time he played with 14 people.
Written by Pavel Mahmud, Liton got out of the way; the foot is in the sky … Bangladesh vs ICC!
Rakibul Islam Rahat wrote that Liton has no need to play after this out, but I do not think that. The Cup should be given over the walk in accordance with the Indian team.
Commentator and cricket analyst Shamim Ashraf Chowdhury said that the umpire did not understand why he was seen out from many angles. Normally the decision is made if the batsman has some centimeters on the foot stain. This is actually tragic.
Meanwhile, Cricinfo also released a reader comment after the outing. Where a man named Sohel is said to say, ‘The umpire’s very bad decision. The Benefit of Dot is about to go to the batsman. Not so? “Cricinfo commentator reminds him,” Do not think that there was no doubt even after seeing the four-finger zoom. ”




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