Awami League leaders now want the party candidate – Chittagong-5



Chittagong bureau:
(Hathazari-Bayygeed partial) Awami League leaders want party candidates. Their opinion has not been the Awami League’s MP since the ’75. So the party is being harmed and development is deprived of the people of this seat. On the other hand, Jatiya Party Presidium member Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud hoped to elect from this seat as a candidate for the grand alliance.
Hathazari Awami League plagued by group-subgroup. District Awami League general secretary MA Salam has a dispute with the joint secretary Yunus Gani Chowdhury. Another part of the Awami League is with the minister Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmood. Again these groups have subgroups. But Awami League leaders argued that Awami League united in difficult times. Discrimination is forgotten. So these will not affect the election.

Chittagong District Council chairman MA Salam The Muslim times said, in 2001 my candidacy was also final but did not get to the end. In 2008 also nominated me. But the grand alliance had to be withdrawn. In 2014 the election was different. The BNP did not come to the polls. This is the grand alliance. He said he would like to nominate this time, saying that a political worker has a dream to become a Member of Parliament. I also have that dream. Not giving the nomination depends on the leader. There are 15 different upazilas in the District Council. It is difficult to please people in 15 upazilas. My dream is to develop Hathazari as a beautiful upazila. Although there has been widespread development in the last 10 years, there has been lesser development in Hathazari. At present, the person who is a Member of Parliament is lacking in sincerity. He is not the Awami League He was once a BNP. Later, he was the Jatiya Party member and Awami League government minister. But there was not a developed development. The present government is giving new employment opportunity with new facilities. Many things could be done with IT Village. But nothing was done except routine work. I have taken a campus in Hathazari, as a member of the Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. It is bigger than the original campus. It was because the government was lying there. Now the students of North Chittagong will get the opportunity to study there from this campus. There is a agricultural institute there. I have a dream to do college there. Then boys and girls can get out of graduation there are agricultural farms. Hathazari has a huge empty space. The TA once acquired. There’s a dream of doing a stadium there. There is not enough playgrounds in Hathazari. Hathazari has many advantages due to the situation. But it cannot be used yet. I want our party to nominate a nomination. If there is a nomination from the party, there will be sincerity. Whoever is now, tomorrow if another team arrives, he will go there. During the Ershad regime, due to the control of the fort, the six Eid could not be celebrated. In 1/11, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia were arrested. On the risk of life, we went to the District Awami League president and general secretary of the country and addressed without mentioning Sheikh Hasina, No Dialogue, No Election. On that day, another turn point in politics is the politics. The leader is free. That’s why Khaleda Zia is also free. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina never omits a good project. But in Hathazari, that opportunity was not utilized. Due to not being a party MP, the party is also harmed. The development is also being damaged.
Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League vice president Advocate Ibrahim Hossain Chowdhury told Babul Purbakon that he had worked with all kinds of risks during the party’s demise. I would like to nominate as a dedicated and tested worker. But the nomination will not be available to anyone, depending on the leader. If he nominated me, I would be able to give him the seat. If given to someone else, of course, respecting his decision will work for the boat’s conquest.
North district AL joint secretary Yunus Gani Chowdhury told Purbkon, “I got nomination from the party last time. I hope to get this. But the leader who will nominate will work to win.
Jasim Uddin Shah, publicity and publication secretary of the North District Awami League, told Purbkon, “The dream of a politician is to be elected a Member of Parliament.” He said he came out of the BCL politics and said he has a dream to become an MP. So try to get nomination. But ultimately the leader’s decision is final. He said he would work for whom he would give.
North District Awami League member Manjurul Alam Manju told the MUSLIM TIMES that if the Jatiya Party candidate has to work for the grand alliance candidate again from this seat, it would be sad. He said, we are also happy that one of the junior workers of Awami League was also nominated from Hathazari. We do not want to work for the candidate who is no longer lending. He said he would like to nominate himself and said that he would like to contest the Awami League candidate in this constituency. Regarding conflict, he said, there will be small divisions in the big party, it is normal. Everyone becomes one.
The present MP of Hathazari seat, Forest and Environment Minister Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud, was presently unable to talk to him because he was abroad. However, Assistant Private Secretary Syed Manjurul Alam said, Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud is currently elected as MP from the Grand Alliance. As much as I know, he will elect the Parliament from the Jatiya Party as the candidate for the grand alliance in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. Hathaz during the minister’s tenure



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