Alliance Syed Ibrahim or BNP candidate – Chittagong-5



Chittagong bureau:
(Hathazari and Bayezid) is the candidate of the parliamentary constituency or the leader of the 20-party alliance, Bangladesh Kalyanparty chairman Major General (retd) Syed Mohammad Ibrahim Bir symbol. There is a question about the situation in politics. The idea of ​​BNP nomination candidates is not from the alliance of the alliance, BNP will be the sole election. However, Major General (Retd) Syed Mohammad Ibrahim, chairman of Bangladesh Kalyanparti, believes that the BNP chairperson has given me two points for the election in this constituency. Because of his indication, I have been working in Hathazari for the last 7 years. A BNP source said, the divided into three sections, the BNP is divided into three categories. The party activities are also in the division. There are two groups of upazilas and unions in the group. The party’s agony has come at such a stage, recently the former MP and the party’s members

BNP chairperson’s adviser Syed Wahidul Alam has not been part of the BNP meeting. However, BNP’s huge central leader participated in the morning meeting.
The sources further said, the Hathazari seat is dominated by BNP. In the last 10 elections, BNP has won the maximum 6 times. But due to confusion, the BNP is likely to stumble in this constituency. Not only that, if the conflict was not resolved before the election, the center could finally leave the coalition partner Bangladesh Kalyanparty chairman Major General (retd) Syed Mohammad Ibrahim.
BNP-5 candidates (Hathazari and Bayazid) are the candidates for the parliamentary constituency, the party’s vice-chairman Mir Mohammad Nasir Uddin, party’s chairperson’s adviser SM Fazlul Haque and barrister Shakila Farzana.
Besides, Chairman of Bangladesh KalyanParty Major General (Retd) Syed Mohammad Ibrahim Bir symbol is seeking nomination as a candidate for the 20-party alliance. Today they are all on the field.
In the end of 1970, Mr Mohammed Nasir Uddin came to power directly in the office of ‘Assistant Judge’. In 1978, BNP became the founder president of Hathazari thana. In 1983, he got the responsibility of the organizing secretary of Chittagong North District BNP. Later, from 1986 to 1996, he served as the President of Chittagong North District BNP. Then he joined BNP’s metropolitan politics. He served as the BNP chairperson for 11 years long. He was nominated as the International Affairs Secretary of BNP Central Committee in 1994. Till 2010, the duties were performed. In 2010, became the chairperson of the BNP chairperson. At present, he is the Vice Chairman of the central committee of the BNP. Apart from the mayor of Chittagong City Corporation, he also served as the permanent representative of the Bangladesh Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the OIC, and the Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism, Government of Charteral Alliance Government in 2001. At present, Vice-Chairman of the BNP Mir Mohammad Nasir Uddin is in Saudi Arabia to make Umra. Because of this, his reaction to nomination was not possible. But his personal assistant Nurul Amin Chowdhury told THE MUSLIMS TIMES, ‘Mir Mohammad Nasir Uddin Saheb will take the election from Hathazari seat. He has already been preparing for central elections for the elections. His son, BNP central committee member, Barrister Mir Mohammad Helal will also work for his father.
SM Fazlul Haque hoping to get another nomination from the BNP’s Hathazari constituency. At present, he is the party’s chairperson’s adviser. The freedom fighters, these politicians have their own ball in Hathazari Former Vice-Chancellor of Chittagong University SM Fazlul Huq is currently a member of the syndicate and senate Former president of the garment industry organization BGMEA.
Regarding the nomination of Hathazari seat, SM Fazlul Haq told THE MUSLIMS TIMES, “I organized the Hathazari BNP. I am trying to stay in trouble. I would like to nominate the party from the next election. Hopefully the team will evaluate me.
Syed Wahidul Alam, former adviser to the BNP chairperson and former Whip of Parliament, won the maximum five elections in the next 10 parliamentary elections. Before becoming a Member of Parliament, he was elected as the Upazila Chairman from Hathazari. Later he was elected a member of parliament from 1991 to 1991, 1996, in the same year on 12 June, 2001 and 2008 in the parliamentary elections. Following his father’s footsteps, the daughter of politician Shakila Farzana, who came to the fields of politics, followed her father’s footsteps. He is a member of the convening committee of the North District BNP and the Joint Secretary of the Central Committee of Nationalist Lawyers Forum. After the death of Syed Wahidul Alam on May 27, he became more active in the field of politics. Hathazari is going to perform various programs of the party. He is also expected to nominate BNP from the upcoming eleven elections. In this context, Barrister Shakila Farzana said, “My father Syed Wahidul Alam is the chairman of Hathazari Upazila Parishad and was elected a member of parliament five times. I would like to elect him as his successor. I will definitely choose if the party chairperson will nominate me.
In addition to BNP, the chairman of Bangladesh Kalyanparti, Major General (Retd) Syed Mohammad Ibrahim Bir symbol, who is interested in selecting the constituency in the constituency? Meanwhile, he is regularly joining social programs in Hathazari besides social programs. Regarding the nomination, Maj Gen (retd) Ibrahim Bir Prakike said, “When the initiative for expansion of 4-party alliance was taken in September 2011, we received the invitation





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