90-day deadline has not been removed



the illegal construction of the Karnaphuli river has increased

Chittagong bureau:
On August 16, 2016, the High Court has given verdict for eviction of illegal constructions of Karnaphuli River. Within 90 days, two thousand 187 illegal structures were to be demolished. But the illegal establishment was not evicted, but the illegal occupiers are taking more control over the Karnafuli.
The High Court has issued a rule against contempt of court against Mayor, DC, Police Commissioner, Director General of Environment Department, CDA Chairman-Secretary, CEO of city corporation, BIWTA chairman, for not implementing the directive of the High Court on eviction of the Karnaphuli River on 3 July. . Following the rule, the Deputy Commissioner issued notice for the eviction of illegal constructions. The notice was issued on July 28 last. Within 90 days, there has been a request for removal or demolition of eviction of illegal buildings in their own way. In the district administration list, there are 1744 illegal structures in Baklia Mauja, 368 and East Patenga Mauja under Patenga, EPZ, Bandar, Kotwali, Baklia and Chandgaon police stations. According to the court verdict, if these illegal structures are not removed or broken, the administration will take steps to break it. In this case, the cost of removal from the respective owners will be realized.
The deadline for the ousting of illegal installations is now on September 28. But illegal encroachments did not take any initiative to remove illegal installations. Chittagong district commissioner Mohammad Ilias Hossain told Purbkon, “After the 90-day deadline, action will be taken according to the court order.”
The petitioner’s lawyer Manzill Morshed told The Muslim Times yesterday, ‘The 90-day deadline for the administration to be issued is ending this month. After the end of time, the eviction will be started soon.
It has been found in the area, that the Karnaphuli river Chakta, Rajakhali, Baklia area has occupied more. There are at least 7 thousand slopes in the areas occupying the river banks. In addition to the slopes, there has been construction of dried rice, fish farms, mosques, temples and schools.
Locals said these slopes were constructed by filling the dredging soil of the Karnaphuli River. Dredging work contractor Jafar Alam and the displaced Jasim illegally occupied large areas of Karnafuli and built slums. Jasim has been the owner of Taka million crore by selling the illegal land of Karnaphuli. In the list of illegal occupants, it has been mentioned that he has more occupation in his name.
Homeless Co-operative ( Samity) President Shamsul Alam Talukder said, in the year 2017 we filed a writ petitions against the occupation and vandalism of the High Court. He has claimed that there is a court ban against eviction. Responding to a question, he said that his name came when Jasim was the president. Now there are no presidents.
In the list of occupants, there are more homes in the name of Jasim in the name of Ashutu. Jasim did not receive the receipt despite calling several times in his mobile phone but two years after the horrific occupation of the Patiya on the river Kolaagon Union. Electricity plants, shipyard and dock yards are being built by grabbing the banks. Construction of three power plants in Kolagon area is underway Three are on the banks of the river. It is being built by grabbing the banks of the river. In the Boalkhali part, the factories have been built by the banks of the river and the factory and the shipyard. Local residents complained that due to lack of supervision, the river control could not be stopped.
In addition, newly formed new areas in the Karnaphuli area of ​​newly formed upazila are being occupied. In the name of ship repair factory, industrial, ice factory, and fish, river banks are occupying the name. The locals complained that the local administration has not even seen the sight.
In 2010, writ petitions were filed in the High Court to keep the river Karnafuli in order to keep the river boundaries, possession, possession and construction of any type of installation in the river. Manzil Morshed, a lawyer for human rights and environmental rights organization Human Rights A-Peace for Bangladesh, filed the writ in public interest. In view of the writ petition, on July 18, 2010, the High Court directed the Director General of Chittagong’s Deputy Commissioner and Land Survey Directorate to submit the report by defining the actual boundary of Karnafuli river. In view of the court order, the district administration identified the boundary between the Karnaphuli and the illegal establishment in 2015. There are two thousand 187 illegal structures on both banks of the river. Meanwhile, in addition to six government organizations, the Karnaphuli has been occupied by establishing government, non-government organizations, and container depots. In the list of illegal occupants, the names of the people’s representatives, industrialists and big businessmen are also included. There are also displaced persons. But the most occupied area is in Baklia area. From the road of City Corporation to the south and the 185 feet upstream, the large part of the stadium is empty semi-seas and capital dredging, Capital dredging project, huge drizzle mahal, hundreds of houses in Baklia field area, pond, fish farm, mosque, temple. But in the Baklia area occupies the top, Jasim Uddin Basundhara. In his name, there are hundreds of raw pucca, semi-shed house, Hotels and tea shops in Laldia Jami Mosque, Laldia Cemetery, Eidgah Maidan, Government Primary School, Cyclone Selter, Laldia Mosque Colony, Laldia Char Bedibandha and Patenga Road areas. JT and Tower built by Chittagong Port Authority, CCT Barr Office, Newmoring JT, NCT -Security level -1, jetty No. 4 However, the High Court Navy and the Chittagong Port Authority have been exempted from the removal of three to six installations.


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