The remains of Portuguese ship recovered 400 years ago



International Desk:
The remains of a ship sinking 400 years ago were rescued from Portugal coast. Theoreticians believe that sometime between 1575 and 1625, the ship was drowned while returning from India. During that time there was a lot of spice trade in Portugal with Asia. These are known from British media’s BBC report.
The ship’s remains were recovered from the Cassias area near Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The Cassias municipal council said that during the Tugus River dredging in early September The ruins have been found. The existence of spices, ceramics, porcelain and bronze arms were found in the ruins. Besides, there is also the currency cashew shell used in slave trade.
Project director George Freyre told the British news agency Reuters, the ship’s remains were recovered from the 40 feet depth of the sea.
The ruins were in very good condition. George Freire said, “It is the best discovery of the decade considering it from the traditional point of view.” He also called it the most important discovery of Portugal’s all time.


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