I want to sit with Kim -Donald Trump


The second meeting of the trump may be in October

International Desk:

US Secretary of State Mike Pampo said that the second meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean top leader Kim Jong Un will be October or later. He expressed his desire at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday
He said this in an interview with US television channel CBS on Wednesday. Pompeo said, “We are working so hard to get the situation right so that we can achieve so much more at the conference. But we hope this will happen soon, “the US Secretary of State said on the possible time of the conference,” It may be in October, but it is more likely to happen later. ”
In June, there was a historic meeting between Trump and Wang in Singapore. In the meeting, North Korea promised to accept the condition of nuclear disarmament. Last week, Pyongyang met with South Korean President Moon Zaineen.
During the meeting, UN discussed the meeting with Trump to discuss the issue of dissatisfaction. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also expressed his willingness to meet with Kim.


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