Hilsa’s production will exceed 5 lakh tons



staff reporter:
Fisheries and Livestock Minister Narayan Chandra Chanda said that the production of Hilsa will exceed 5 lakh tonnes in the current fiscal year He hoped that fish production will increase to 42 lakh 77 thousand metric tons. He said this while talking to the journalists at the office of Food and Livelihood at his office yesterday. It says that more than 11 percent of the population is directly or indirectly involved in the fisheries and directly 31 percent of the people are dependent on it. About 12 percent of the total fish produced in the country comes from only Hilsa. Hilsa’s contribution to the GDP of the country is more than one percent. Therefore, the contribution of the Hilsa as the single species is the highest. During the current government period, the production increased by just about 9 percent in the last 9 years. In 2008-09, the production of Hilsa was 2 lakh 98 thousand metric tons, which has been increased to about 5 lakh metric tons, whose current market value is around 18 thousand crore taka.
In the meantime, the overall production of fish has increased from 1.7 million metric tons to 41.34 million metric tons. It is 84 thousand metric tons more than the production target of 40.55 million metric tonnes in 2016-17. In the domestic and international markets, the demand for Hilsa’s value-added products has already begun to be marketed by Hilsa’s invention of technology to manufacture soup, noodles and powder. Under the security program, in 2016-17 fiscal year, in Jatakasura-17 districts of 85 upazilas refuse to obtain jatka Total 38, 187 metric tons for 2 months and 38 thousand 187 metric tons for 4 months in 38 kg and 673 fishermen families in the country, and 39,788 tonnes of rice has been given to the families of 2 lakh 48 thousand 674 fishermen in the financial year 2017-05-2007. The food assistance has been provided to -08 only 6 thousand 906 tons.


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