Five dead in Mirsaraiya the case against truck driver Shahin



Chittagong bureau:

Highway police filed a case with the Jorarganj police station on the incident of killing four auto-rickshaw drivers and a passenger on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway in the Thakurdighi area. Police arrested Shahin on Tuesday in the case. On Wednesday, the court ordered him to be sent to Shahinkeljaj. It is learned that police have filed a case involving the death of four auto-rickshaw drivers and one passenger, 304 (b) of the rule, which is bailable The maximum punishment for this sentence is 3 years in jail. Besides, the driver of Shahin’s professional light driving license, knowing the truck owner Mozammel Hossain handed him hand in the vehicle steering. But the truck owner was not accused in the case filed with the police. It is learned that the owner of the Truck Owners Association of Chittagong is owner of the truck, Mozammel Hossain. It is the responsibility of its caregiver to be named Mohammad Bahadur. On Wednesday, Mohammad Md. Bahadur received the call from owner Mozammel Hossain’s personal mobile phone.
He told Purbakon, “After the incident, truck owner Mozammel has been sick. He cannot speak now I always take care of that truck myself. ‘
When the driver of Shahin’s driver’s license was asked to run the truck in his hand after knowing the light class, Bahadur said, “I knew he had a license. We did not see light or heavy. After the incident, I learned the matter.
In-charge of Zorarganj Highway Police Outpost (SI) Sohel Sarkarjanan, Assistant Sub-Inspector of the outpost (ASI) Jasim Uddin filed a case under the 304 (b) section of the Jorarganj police station on the evening of the incident. In the case, the killer truck driver Rabiul Hossain alias Shahin was made the main and sole accused. The new law has been filed in the old law because the newly passed law is not yet implemented.
Asked about the logical reasons why the owner of the truck did not get the accused, Sohel Sarker said, ‘We are investigating the case. If the owner is responsible for any reason, he will be brought to the court.
Meanwhile, the investigation officer of the case Zorarganj highway police outpost sub-inspector (SI) Billal Hossain said, “We initially questioned Shahin, the driver after the arrest. He refused to stay awake during the accident. According to his statement, heavy MS Sheet (iron) coils in the truck have lost control of the truck as it moves away from the specific place. ‘
Rabiul Hossain alias Shaheen, driver of the truck Driver’s license was light: on the auto-rickshaw stand in Dhaka-Chittagong highway, was inexperienced. Heavy vehicles (trucks) were driving on the highway with professional light driving license from Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA).
According to the BRTA, a person must have a minimum age of 20 years of driver’s driving license driving a professional light motor vehicle. After this, the professional middle age driver driving license must be at least 23 years of age. And the minimum age for a professional heavy motor vehicle driving license is 26 years.
According to information given by Zorarganj highway police, Shahin, the driver of the killer truck, is only 22 years old. At 18, he started working as a heavy motorcycle helper. A couple of years ago, they started running heavy vehicles with professional light driving licenses.
Meanwhile, in the rules of the licensing it is known that a candidate must first obtain a light driving license to get a professional heavy driving license. After the minimum of three years, he can apply for professional middle driving license. And at least three years after getting a Medium Driving License, apply for a heavy driving license.



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