Exclusive zone of tourism industry may be Greater Chittagong


Chittagong bureau:
Exclusive zone of tourism industry may be Greater Chittagong. The government has no surveillance in the development of this industry that is surrounded by three hill districts and Chittagong. If the government monitors, there is a great potential to develop international tourism tourism around this region.

Hills, rivers and sea: – Lilabhumi Chittagong in this three-dimensional beauty. Nature of the Patenga beach beach of Chittagong, Parkee beach, Rangunia and Banskhali echopark and Sitaku- and Mirsarai have given rise to beauty. The tourists are hugging Hundreds of tourists are rushing to these tourist centers. But these tourism centers did not develop quality facilities for tourists. Whereas, the government has the potential of developing world tourism centers.
After Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest beach is Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachari. High mountain ranges, rhyme, vibrant greenish nature, many sightseeing places are being flown by local and foreign tourists. Besides, there is a diverse lifestyle of indigenous people, art and culture. Thousands of tourists rushed to the Rangamati, Khagrachari and Bandarban mountains. But tourism has not been developed as tourist facilities, improved hotel-motel and untouchables.

Tourist tourists also believe that tourists’ security is not strengthened, lacking in new tourism hubs, lack of tourism and tourism bus services, tourist attraction in hill areas is a major barrier to tourism. In addition to the Hill District, there are a lot of other non-neglected cities near the home. Patenga and Parki beach, Mirsarai-Sitaku-beach, mountain-rhythm-fountain-lake are full of natural wonders. Mirsharayei Muhuri Project, Mahamaya Lake, Khayyachara Jharna, Napa Katara Chhara, and the beautiful beauty of the Goyayla Chhara fountain of the beauty of the tourists. Travelers often run away at these tourist centers. Sometimes in the mountainous springs, sometimes on the beach, in the woods, the tourists roamed to joy and joy. Banskhali and Rangunia have echoparks. Banshkhali Echopark falls in negligence despite large projects surrounding Rangunia Echopark.
The government has planned to develop international standard tourist centers like Cox’s Bazar, surrounded by Patenga and Purki marine museums. But the project to build tourism zones around Purki beach is a hope for the modernization of the Patenga Sea Beach Modernization Project. When the project of the CDA’s Outer Ring Road (Patenga to Faujdarhat) starts the project, the project taken to develop tourism is discarded.
Chittagong District Commissioner Mohammad Ilias Hossain said that the government’s big projects around Anwar’s Parky Sea Beach Tourism zones will be built around the beach. He also said that the land was transferred to the tourism corporation. Now the project is waiting to start the project.
The district administration sources said that the government took initiative to build tourism zone around Anwara Parki beach beach in the beginning of 2016. The first EPZ, special economic zones and country’s first tunnels are being constructed in industrial-rich Anwara, 25 kilometers away from Chittagong city. There is more to the local and foreign people. Therefore, the government has a plan to build hotel-motel, golf, aesthetic and special tourist zones.
There is no arrangement for tourists, even though there are crowds in the city. The hotel-motel, quality shops were not developed. The Khupri marka shops are all about the blue sky. But these ducks have become a safe place for anti-social activities. After the evening, Parki becomes risky for tourists.
The government took a big project to modernize Patenga beach. In the past government of the forest and environment minister Hasan Mahmud also inaugurated the project. But the Sea Beach Modernization Project died after the CDA’s Outer Ring Road project began.
Chittagong Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ilias Hossain said the sea beach modernization project has been omitted due to the implementation of the Outdoor Ring Road of the CDA.
Sitaku is known as Lilabhumi of nature. Nature has given beauty in a handless way. There are all the facilities to impress the mountains, the sea, the fountain, the natural lake, the green forest, the mythological monastery, the tourists. Nature is decorated with beauty. Barardogarhat Ruposhi Jhorna; Small Darogharhat; Lobankak Sahardra Jharna; Guliyakhali sea beach; Bansbaria sea beach; Kumira-Sandwip jetty; Bhatiari cafe24; Salimpur – Kattali beach beach; Hundreds of tourists traveled extensively in these tourist centers. Apart from the nature of nature, there was no facility available for tourists. The tourism sector is not being developed due to the high quality of food, nightly good arrangements and the lack of security.
Mirsarai is surrounded by the largest economic zones of the country. This upazila has been decorated in a beautiful way. Tourists visit the sea and river Melodhana, Muhuri project, Mahamaya Lake, Khayyachara Jharna, Napa Ratha waterfalls and Goyaila Chhara waterfalls. But there was not enough facilities for tourism. Mirsharai will make a big contribution to the tourism industry if the government monitors
Banshkhali Ecopark is a promising sector of tourism, but has long been in development. But there is a plan to build tourism centers around the Banskhali beach.
Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ilias Hossain said a representative team of the district administration has already visited Banskhali beach. Tourism here too


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