Demu is being bought again;  It is again doubled at a double price



Mt desk:
The 20-set diesel electric multiple unit (Demu) train now has the throat of the government. In the last five years, the railway revenue of 19.40 million taka by transporting passengers to this train. And the cost is 25 crore taka. Many of the Demo’s repair workshops in Bangladesh are losing demo. But Demu is being bought again; it is again doubled at a double price.
The government has taken initiatives to introduce new Demu shuttle train as the passenger transport operator of Dhaka. Two sets (a set of six units) broad gauge demo will be bought for the shuttle train on Kaliakoir High Park and Dhaka route, said Bangladesh Railway.
According to the sources, a project has been implemented for the collection of 20 sets of Demo for the period 2011-2015. For this demo, the purchase price of 7 crore 62 lakh taka was collected. However, the price of each coach for the purchase of new Daemu has been 13 crores 41 lakhs, which is almost double. The target and purpose of the 20 sets of Demu collected before that was not fully implemented. Demo is not going on the scheduled route. Besides, 50 percent of the 20 set demo was bought by showing the financial accounts. Four years ago, 20 sets (60 cars) bought Demu but they did not have a repair workshop. Nevertheless, Demu is being bought again.

Bangladesh Railway Chief Planning Officer Anwarul Haque said two sets of new demo will be bought. It will move from high teak to Dhaka route. I hope the pressure on Dhaka-Tangail route will reduce the pressure on this route. The passengers of Dhaka-Kaliakair route will also be found. He also said that we have sent the proposal for purchase of Demu to the Planning Commission. According to the source, the total cost proposed for collection of two sets of demo and other equipment has been estimated at Tk 161.30 million. This initiative has been taken to reduce the additional pressure on the Dhaka-Tangail highway. Such initiatives are being undertaken by the people of the haytike park and the surrounding areas. Bangladesh Railway will collect these from January 2015 to June 2022. Bangladesh Railway claims, Demu’s big advantage can be easily stopped and it does not need to rotate the engine after reaching the destination. A demo set is made up of 5 to 6 units. A Demo car with a seat number of 100, as well as passengers can stand on equal footing in peak hours. But before that, at the cost of 426 crore, the 20 sets of Demu trains are not going to buy back the metabolism. There are new problems in Chinese special trains. Most of the 20 set trains now need to be repaired. However, there is no suitable structure for repair and maintenance of Demu in any of the existing units of Bangladesh Railway.


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