Bill Kasab 10 year’s imprisonment


International desk:
A US court in Pennsylvania has sentenced 10 years in prison to American junkie bills on charges of sexual harassment.
According to a BBC report on Wednesday, 81-year-old Kazi has been identified as a violent sexual predator. As a result, he will have to go through counseling for the rest of his life and will include his name on the sex offender’s list. Although the court gave him the chance to speak, he did not want to say anything.
Bill Kosby, was known as ‘America’s Dad’ for many years. Bill Cosby has become the favorite of millions of spectators for the courtesy of the popular TV show ‘The Cosby Show’. He was convicted of three offenses in April when Kasab’s re-trial was started in April. Sexual harassment, drug and in 2004, a woman named Andrea Cozance proved to be a victim of persecution.
According to the court verdict, people must be in Pennsylvania for three years; then he will be eligible to be released on bail.


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