The accused has been sentenced to three months imprisonment in rowjan  


staff reporter:

A person who repeatedly cheated Rauzane could not save anymore. The local public representatives handed him over to a mobile court after eve teasing a schoolgirl. Executive Magistrate and Upazila Executive Officer Shamim Hossain Reza fined three months in jail and fined ten thousand rupees on Tuesday. Get them

A woman named Dipatinath of Khalilabad area said, “My daughter is the seventh grade student of the Rauzan Arymotere Institute. He was returning home on Monday at 4:30 in the afternoon. Eakub, on his way, gave my daughter a chest on her face. After that, he started crying and weeping. UP chairperson BM Jasim Uddin Hiru said, “Today, on Tuesday morning (Tuesday, Tuesday), Alhaj Nurul Amin, UP member Prasad Barua, admission in the morning, Swat Paul Kalu, Shahabuddin went to his house and took Yakub Upon the upazila executive magistrate passed the court.


The mother of both of them filed a complaint to me and the Upazila Executive Magistrate Court. “The local court’s Executive Magistrate and Upazila Nirbahi Officer Shamim Hossain Reza said,” The accused has been sentenced to three months imprisonment, ten thousand rupees for his offense and another 15 days in jail in default. ‘Another woman from Khalilabad area, Lakhanath said,’ about 20-25 days before the loan installment Yakub was on his way to the hands of my daughter’s chest. But he did not forgive even if he wanted to apologize. Few days before Eakub eve teasing another young woman in the same area.”It is known from the sources that the father of the two sons is the father of two children. The villagers complain that his character is poor in nature.


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