To maintain the success of electricity, the transmission and distribution system should be free-City Mayor



Chittagong bureau:
City Awami League General Secretary and City Mayor AHM Nasir Uddin said that the power transmission and distribution system will be timely and recoverable by holding a series of successes and conquests of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the field of power generation. In this regard, accountability and accountability of the concerned authorities will be made more effective.
He said this while addressing a meeting with the top officials of the Chittagong Zone, Power Development Authority, Chittagong Division as part of the meeting of the city Awami League. At the time, he congratulated the city Awami League on getting the recognition of Distribution Zone, Chittagong Union of the 2018 countries.
On the other hand, the city Awami League acting president Mahtab Uddin Chowdhury said, the heart of Chittagong national development- The power transmission of this heart. Chittagong Power Development Authority is also successful in power generation. He thanked them for this. However, if the maintenance system remains unchanged by identifying the flaws and maintaining uninterrupted power supply, new dimensions will be added to their success.
City Mayor said in his speech that this achievement and achievement has been achieved by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s whole hearted efforts. With this effort, every officer and employee of the Chittagong Zone is the partner of success. In the past, during the Jamaat-BNP alliance era, thousands of crores of money was smuggled abroad by putting Khamba alone. He also said that the demand for electricity has increased as demand has increased. But there is no way to deny that there is defect in the distribution system of electricity and there is a problem in the field. Modern transmission lines require modernization. The most necessary electricity consumers are brought to complain. Explain why sometimes the electricity supply lines are causing disaster and also inform customers about the causes of temporary suffering. Meanwhile, I believe the accountability of government agencies will be ensured. This accountability is the main responsibility of the current government’s policy. If the power authorities respect this responsibility, then our confidence and trust will remain.
Prior Kumar Sen, Chief Engineer of Chittagong Power Development Board (BUBO), highlighted the statistics of the power situation in the country and said that the current number of electricity subscribers in this country is more than 3 crore in the Chittagong region. In 2008, daily electricity was produced in Chittagong region of 3 thousand five hundred MW. Currently the production is 20 thousand megawatts. Earlier the demand was four hundred megawatts, currently 1500 megawatt of supply. In this context, there is no load shedding in Chittagong zone. However, due to some errors in the transmission line, supply is sometimes bighed. This is because the power supply is to be stopped at the time of restoration of the old transmission line and it is already informed to power consumers. But the failure of the transmission in the national grid is a disaster and it is normal. In this case, we try to backup. He mentioned that electricity is being saved for installing pre-paid meters. Customers are getting better services, but sometimes due to the construction of any adjacent customers, if there is a fault in the supply lines, the speed of the electricity increases. In this case there are some problems in counting on the meter. However, thinking of implementing advanced techniques for salvation from this situation is underway.
Among others, Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League Vice President Naimuddin Chowdhury, Khorshed Alam Sujon, Altaf Hossain Chowdhury Bachchu, Joint Secretary MA Rashid, Organizing Secretary Noman Al Mahmud, Shafiq Adnan, Chowdhury Hasan Mahmud Hasani, Publicity and Publication Secretary Shafiqul Islam Faruque, Labor Secretary Abdul Ahad and Chittagong Electricity Development Assistant Engineer Shamsu Alam, BM Jahangir, Maqbool Hussain, Prabir Kumar Dey, Power Workers’ League, said. Abdur Rahim, Abu Zafar Sarkar, Md. Jasim Uddin, Taslim Uddin, Nazrul Islam and others.


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