India’s opponents today are Afghanistan and tomorrow Bangladesh’s face as like semi-final is against Pakistan



Sports reporter:
The dream winners emerged from the start of a grand win against Sri Lanka in the group stage. But in the next two matches, we were suddenly lost, and the dreams were going down. But the Super Kings defeated Afghanistan by 3 runs in their second match in Tigers. Now play the final in front of Mashrafe Bin Mortaza. There is no semifinal paper in this year’s Asia Cup. The best two teams in Super Four will play the final match of the title, i.e. in the final But the fight of Super Four has come in such a situation, Bangladesh vs Pakistan match has become an uncapped Semifinal. India have confirmed the final by winning the first two matches of the Super Four stage. On Sunday, after the Bangladeshis, they lost to antiquity Pakistan. On the other hand, both Pakistan and Bangladesh have been defeated by the two teams. Their last match against India is one of the favorites. If you win this match, it will not be of any benefit to Afghanistan. The match is now just about the rules. As a result, the equation has been that the winning team will win the final ticket to face the Bangladesh-Pakistan match. Two matches are played on the same day before the Super Fare, but the last two matches will be held two consecutive days. India and Bangladesh will face the defending champions in today’s match against Afghanistan and tomorrow’s final. Every match will be played at Bangladesh at 5:30 pm.
So far, the progress of the Asia Cup has been quite upheaval-fall. In the first match, Sri Lanka lost a great start but in the second match Mashrafeera lost against Afghanistan. But before that the Super Four was sure that there was no head to the match. But in the Super Four match, Bangladesh has to sweat very well to lose Afghanistan. Almost the entire match was a tense tension. Afghanistan, after reaching 250 for victory, reached the doorstep of victory. But Mustafizur Rahman, who took a great bowling over Bangladesh in the last over, took the victory over Bangladesh. Tigers survived by 3 runs to win the final. Before going against Pakistan, the recent history will speak about Bangladesh. The last two teams were seen in the one-day cricket in the bilateral series on Bangladesh soil in 2015. Mashrafe’s party was defeated by Pakistan. Even in Twenty20 cricket, the two teams have seen the last three Bangladesh won two matches.
However, young cricketers of the team could not burn. In the last match, senior cricketers are frightened to win. So, in the last match tomorrow, Pakistan will win against Pakistan as well as young cricketers will also be performing. Mustafiz, the hero of the match against Afghanistan in the press conference yesterday, said that we can knock any opponents in our day. I want to win against Pakistan, to win the match. Meanwhile, Mikey Arthur, Pakistan’s South African coach, said in front of the Bangladesh match, fear has become in Pakistan camp. The fear of fear is due to the crisis of self-confidence. Pakistan, despite winning any match against Afghanistan, has surrendered helplessly surrender to India in two matches. The hard-hired battles cannot even create even the least competition. Pakistan’s helplessness has been reflected in batting, bowling and fielding – Pakistan coach said, the team has lost confidence. Now the fear has come, ‘In truth, there is a crisis of self-confidence among the players right now. The fear of failure has somewhat swallowed up in the dressing room. It is very good to understand what we are now as a cricket team. “Arthur said that losing to India by 9 wickets on Sunday would be one of Pakistan’s worst performances. But we do not have a way to stop here. Have to go ahead. Hopefully we will turn around and come back as a better and stronger team. “The news of the fear of Pakistan camp will surely add to the confidence of Mashrafe. After the thrilling win against Afghanistan, the confidence of the Bangladesh team is now very tug bag. The two backs were drawn on the back wall. Joy did not just return from there on Sunday, ‘we can believe’ in the party also gave birth to faith. Now it is necessary to use self-confidence in this teabags and use the fear of the opponent. Mashrafeira will hope that the whole country


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