Going to the 91st edition of the Oscars, ‘Dub’



Mt desk:

Directed by Mustafa Sarwar Farooqi is being sent from Bangladesh to the Foreign Language Film Division of the 91st edition of ‘Dub’ Academy Awards. The Oscars Privilege Committee of Bangladesh announced this through a press conference at noon yesterday. The English name of the film is “No Roses of Bed”. Mostafa Sarwar Farooki, director of the film, was present at the press conference organized by Bangladesh Federation of Film Societies, and Abdul Aziz, acting director of Jazz Multimedia. Among others, Habibur Rahman Khan, Golam Rabbani Biplob, Abu Musa Debu, Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, Pankaj Palit and Shamima Akter were also present. Habibur Rahman Khan, chairman of the Bangladesh Federation of Film Society and Oscar Committee, said, “The two pictures were hoping for the Oscars nomination. The ‘dive’ has been finalized from there. “The movie ‘Dub’ in the screenplay and direction of Mustafa Sarwar Farooq was released in October and October in Bangladesh and India. The picture is criticized by the creator of Bangladeshi producer-writer Humayun Ahmed in a controversial section of the life of the shadow.


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