After kneading only 15 minutes, was knocked down in the water.


Chittagong bureau:
A quarter of the area of ​​the Amanat Ullah Road under the 9th North Pahartoli ward in the city, after kneading only 15 minutes, was knocked down in the water.
Due to rain falling from early in the morning on Monday, at least 50 houses of two villages of ‘Noapara’ and ‘Abdul Ali Nagar’ were submerged in the water till night. There was a pile of trash lying on the streets. Those who had passed through the road the previous day, they did not recognize the road after rain yesterday. Due to rubbish and mud beyond the trawl, the people of the area Amanat Ullah Road went on the ‘road’ or ‘Nala’ in the conflict. After sunrise, after sunrise, there was an unbearable situation in the whole area of ​​garbage odor. For that reason the residents of the house could not open the windows of the house.
Noapara Social Development Council chief Shahjahan Chowdhury alleged that the name of street road from Nesaria to CDA market is named Amanat Ullah Road. The north pahartoli canal filled with a part of this road (Noapara big river in the language of the local residents) was filled in the rain, due to the slight rain in the rainy season, the drainage of the water went to the street. At the same time, the road becomes very difficult. It was also difficult to walk on the road to walk on the road.
Shahjahan Chowdhury expressed anger and said that this canal filled river has become a cause of sadness for two villages of ‘Noapara’ and ‘Abdul Ali Nagar’ in this area. A letter has been sent by Noapara Samaj Vikas Parishad to the City Mayor through local councilor seeking remedies for 5/6 months before the sufferings cannot be addressed. But no response was received by the City Corporation till now. Amanat Ullah road mud in small rain becomes united in water and garbage.
Another resident of Mohammad Ali said the most widespread occurrences in the region this year (Monday) in rainy season. Before 5/6 hours water was down, but in the rain in the rain of the ninatatala nalatala nalatala nalatallaha house until the night of the night. The air in the area is polluted with a bad smell. The people of the house had to keep the windows closed.
A resident of the area, who is reluctant to disclose the name, said, I have been suffering from Nala water for the last 3 years. The drain is not cleaned regularly. When he told the local councilor, he took responsibility for the removal of the dirt on the Nala (North Pahartali canal) surface. But do not take the initiative to clean the filled nullah. This caused water to rise in the rain in the rain. To reduce the permanent sufferings of the residents, from the part of the Bihari colony, it will remove the solid waste from the Northern Pahartali canal in the ornamental area of ​​Bandargaon. Otherwise this problem will not be solved.
North Pahartali ward councilor asked Jahirul Alam Jasim acknowledged the sufferings and said, “When I get the news, I arrange the drain. He also visited the Noapara area with the mayor Mahodaya after hearing the news yesterday. From tomorrow morning (Tuesday), we will start the extraction of solid waste from the drain (North Pahartali canal) through the escrow.


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