Actor Shahrukh, one of the best teachers in Kajal’s life,


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Friendship for two days a lot. Whatever its personal life or professional they Lived beside each other in times of distress. We have always helped one another.That is why Shahrukh told Kajol to learn acting. Recently, the actress acknowledged this.
Shahrukh Khan is the son of Bollywood today. There have been many ups and downs in his life. Shahrukh learned from there. As a friend, he told Kajal about his experience. It was said that onscreen chemistry needed to be played. Kajol is keeping this in mind for his long career. That’s why his acting talent is now praised everywhere. In an interview, the actress said that the actress
Kajal said, in the pictures he has made, his favorite three pictures. ‘Bekhudi’ (1992), ‘Uddhar Ki Jindegi’ (1994) and ‘Dushman’ (1998). The first photo did not hit. But Shahrukh’s tips are useful for the next films. It is beneficial to obey the friend.
Kajal said, ‘Bekhudi’, ‘Uddhar Ki Jindegee’, ‘Dushman’ or ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ is different from each other. But every actress learned something or something during the actress.
Kajal said that he learned a lot from him. She is one of the best teachers in Kajal’s life. From the photographer make-up, he learned all about. But the most beneficial was the time of ‘Bajigar’. Then Shahrukh said, how to act, Kajal should learn, how to play. But Kajal felt that he was doing a great job. But when he was acting in ‘Uddhar Ki Jindegi’, he realized that the actuality is not really good at it. Then he took tips from Mother Tanuja.



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