Vote to make ‘good food’ sustainable



International Desk:

Switzerland’s citizens are voting. They are saying that they are giving two votes to tighten the law to promote moral and sustainable food.
In BBC Online news on Sunday, this vote is being held against the destruction of the rain forest for the use of horse meat in Lasagna (pasta) and palm oil production and livestock for past few years. This has greatly affected the growing interest of customers. It’s not just in Switzerland but across Europe. Where food is coming from, how production is coming.
The direct democratic method of Switzerland is that if you want to vote nationwide on any political issue, then the campaigners will have to collect one hundred thousand signatures. The first proposal is ‘good food’ – government needs more support to be sustainable. Detailed information on the biological products and labels – so that customers know what they are buying. The proposal has called for the dissolution of food waste.


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