Ship breaking Yard is interrupted by importing scrap ship Sitakunda new pyre awoke



Chittagong bureau:
Sitakunda of Chittagong, a new chariot of about 10 km long from Fouzdarhat in the Bay of Bengal on the Shitalpur coast. Shipwrecking Yard has been hampering the import of scrap ship which has been threatening due to this grave being developed in the Shipbreaking Zone area, which has threatened the country’s floating iron ore ship breaking industry. Suddenly on the coast of Sitaku-Bay of Bengal. Especially during the diversion, the chariots contain the delta shape and the ships are ineligible to enter. Already the area has spread from Fouzderhat to Shitalpur in Sonichari upazila. The concerned people said that this area is the Shipbreaking Zone. Here is the location of most of the ship breaking yard. Here many scrap ships are imported here every now and then. But since the charity has awakened, there is a great obstacle to entry of imported scrap ships in the shipyards of this area. As a result, the yard owners are losing interest in importing a scrap ship which is negatively impacting in this industry.
Captain Mohammad Anam Chowdhury, who was in charge of bringing the most scrap ships in Sitaku-Ship breaking Yard, told the correspondent that a sudden huge chariot was seen on the seashore of 8-10 km Shivalabhanga industrial area from Fauzdarhat to Shitalpur. Right now in the Shipwreck industrial zones, we now have to face great obstacles in entering this scrap ship yard as we awoke. He said that on September 12, the ship, owned by industrialist Mohammed Shawkat Ali Chowdhury, had to face a great obstacle in entering the vessel named Ship Iwan Papinin. Earlier, Owners of Arefin Enterprise Ship breaking, a 43-tonne oresen scrap ship imported into the yard owned by former Mayor of Chittagong, Manzur Alam. Kamal Uddin Ahmed, who owned 46,000 tons of Thina, and several other scrap ships, entered the yard and got trapped in the grazing ground. Later, the ships had to suffer a lot. Captain Anam also said that if the situation continues, the ship breaking industry will be destroyed. So fast it will save the shipwreck program with the development of dredging.
Meanwhile, Ship breakers Association leaders and yard owners have expressed great concern about the new grazing woke up. According to sources, a general meeting of Bangladesh Ship breakers and Recyclers Association (BSBRA) was held at the Copper Simony restaurant in Agrabad, Chittagong on September 22. When discussing the issues related to the newly raised uprisings of the new awakening in the meeting, all the shipyard owners expressed concerns about this President of the organization. Under the chairmanship of Abu Taher, the meeting emphasized the need for quick dredging to solve this problem. Industrialist expressed concern about the issue. Shawkat Ali Chowdhury, BSBRA President Abu Taher, former vice-president industrialist Kamal Uddin Ahmed, Prabin Shipbreakers industrialist Md. the present yard owners, including Abul Kashem. Industrialist Kamal Uddin Ahmed said, “We have come to know that various types of waste was brought from the outside of a shipyard in Bhatiyari. For a long time, this waste is falling on the sea. This spur was formed on the silt of him. Now 8-10km The area was spread in the area. Yard is not going to bring scrap ship. In this we are losing interest in bringing ships. The government gets revenue from this industry from the annual budget of 1.2 billion to 15 thousand crore. The country will fall into widespread losses when the ship is stopped. He requested the government to protect the industry by dredging the sea. Group chairman and industrialist Sekander Hossain Tinku said, due to this char, the whole ship breaking industry is now threatened. As long as it is delayed for dredging, the more losses will be in this industry and the country’s construction industry.   sector supplies one of the raw materials of the construction industry. So he draws the attention of the government to take steps to protect the industry. Shipyard owners also said that there are now more than one hundred Ship breaking Yards here. In these yards, half-yearly workers, including those directly and indirectly, must save the livelihood of the ship breaking industry. Otherwise, the country will also be hit economically. They urged urgent intervention of the concerned government including the concerned ministry.


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