Paddy harvester poison, no one can hold the victory of the boat -Quader



staff reporter:
Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader said that if the Awami League is united, no one can hold the victory of the boat. He urged the leaders and workers to be united and said that we have won because we are united in Gazipur, Khulna. He was sworn in to the next election to swear by the leaders and workers of the party to work on behalf of the boat symbol.
He said this in a rally organized in the crossing area of ​​Karnaphuli upazila on Sunday. Karnaphuli and Anwara upazila Awami League organized the rally.
Awami League delegation led by general secretary Obaidul Quader came to visit Chittagong. Before the national election, the journey started from Dhaka to the organizational journey on the road. After the rally in Karnaphuli Upazila, the Awami League fleet headed towards Cox’s Bazar with South Chittagong. People of Chittagong do not want BNP more. Road Transport and Bridge Minister Obaidul Quader said people of Karnafuli are now with Awami League. The people of the Karnafuli are with the boat. Karnafuli is now the base of Jabbed. Janataree Sheikh Hasina’s base He said, once Chittagong was called as the base of BNP, millions of people today proved that Awami League has crushed the BNP’s base. BNP’s rice ear is now poison of stomach, rice poison of rice poison
Bridge Minister Obaidul Quader strongly criticized the Secretary General of the BNP, saying that the UN Secretary-General has sent a letter or given the invitation to them. Fakhrul went to the United Nations. Secretary General was not in the United States. He was in Ghana. With a third-class officer, he has spoken very briefly and said briefly. The country came back to complain. BNP is a complaint party.
People have been deceived by the UN Secretary General. Lied. but why ? What is the evidence? BNP is fake Fakhrul is also fake. In the meantime, he called slogans as ‘false fake’ and activists also called ‘fake’.
Minister Quader said that there would be no democracy in the country if such fraud team came to power. The country’s security will not be there. If the false voters vote, the country’s development will not happen. The country will fall behind. They did not have any development in the country to remain in power. So they do not have the right to vote.
The Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader said that the people of the country did not respond to the call of national unity, the unity of leaders and leaders, it is nationalist unity. In the IRI survey, Sheikh Hasina is 66 percent popular. What is the national unity, excluding 66 percent popularity? Is not it. There will be no national unity except Awami League. It will be nationalist-communal unity. This unity will not be acceptable to the people of Bangladesh.
Regarding national unity, he said, Suhrawardy Uddan has been opened to rally national unity on the instructions of Sheikh Hasina. They held rally in the national drama in fear of not being a human. There is no headache for rallying in Suhrawardy Udyan. National unity leaders have no acceptability in the country. So they will not succeed in any future program.
Claiming that there is no confidence in BNP, Oraudul Quader said that he could not have been active for 10 days in the last 10 years. The people did not respond to their call. Only after the Eid say the movement. 2o Eid and 10 years has gone. What will be the movement after the Eid. There was no movement in 10 years. What will be the movement in a month? Referring to the national election in December next year, she said, only three months during the election. People are now election oriented. There is no movement.
Highlighting the development of Awami League, Obaidul Quader said, 100 percent electricity, roads have become. What else is left? 16 million people in the country, 14 million mobile phones. 100% electricity Who gave the question, said Khaleda? With Khaleda giving the question, she said, the load shedding hourly hourly. Namaz, iftar, load shedding in Tarabi prayers Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave all the development and power of the country.
The people said that the people refusing corrupt and orphan money to embezzle the money. Awami League has developed all over the place. Adult, widow allowance, freedom fighter allowances, disability allowance, stipend of students, maternal allowance, husband receiving abandoned allowance, ordinary people Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has received several awards from abroad for the development of the country.
If you do not get any benefit by the BNP’s movement then you have tried to get rid of the quota, safe road – to overcome the government on these two issues. Through social communication, looting, rape and murder information tried to scare people. BNP student movement, kota movement massed. The rumor spread. But they did not succeed. The police arrested the people responsible for this false information and leaked the original mystery. There is still ‘rumors of rumors’ So everyone will have to resist the rumor terrorism from united.
Awami League led by Sheikh Hasina has made extensive development in last 10 years. So, the Awami League will have to return to power again by voting in the next parliamentary elections by voting in boat marquee.
Chaired by Karnaphuli Upazila Awami League President Syed Jamal Ahmed, the meeting was addressed by the Joint General Secretary of Awami League Mahbubul Alam Hanif, State Minister of Land Saifuzzaman Chowdhury Javed, South District A. League President Moulemam Uddin Ahmed said.
Awami League Central Joint General Secretary Mahbub ul Alam Hanif said thousands of people have been supporting us on their journey from Dhaka. It proves that the people of Bangladesh want development and progress. People of this country do not want to see corruption in power.


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