Nasir-Salam’s good relations influence politics and development


Chittagong bureau:
The road from the GEC to the gate of the CDA Avenue was ineligible for movement. People have to move due to long road accidents due to the collapse of the road, CDA or City Corporation will be reformed. But an initiative of coordination has changed that figure. Now the CDA road is going on neatly carpeting.
The relationship between the Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) and Chittagong Development Authority (CUC), two important establishments of the port city, has been improved. The Chief Mayor of the two organizations, AHM Nasir Uddin and CDA chairman Abdous Salam, have announced they will work together and blow up the dispute. Their declaration, has also had a positive effect in the city’s Awami League politics.  On Saturday, everyone also held a meeting at the Chittagong Circuit House. They are working together. Talking together with each other sharing the work
Former Awami League leader late ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury was a trusted and close companion of the party Khorshed Alam Sujon. The distance with him was the General Secretary of the party, AZM Nasir Uddin. Sujon had a strong protest against Mayor Nasir. But the dispute was resolved between the two. Khorshed Alam Sujon and AZM Nasir Uddin, in the mayor’s Haj Kafila office, held a wide-ranging discussion for hours.  both of them improve their relationship. Since then, none of the two leaders have said anything against anyone.
Although most of the leaders were present in the meeting of the city Awami League executive committee, CDA chairman and treasurer Abdous Salam of city Awami League were not present. Subsequently Sujon took initiative to improve the relationship between the City Mayor and the CDA chairman. Success also came. There was a meeting in the heart of both of them. Nagar Awami League senior leaders were present in the meeting. Then the city Awami League leaders met the CMP Commissioner and the managing director of Chittagong WASA. The CDA chairman could not attend the meeting due to his position in Dhaka. But when he came from Dhaka, he ran to the city building. Nasir and Salam shared the responsibility of the Awami League General Secretary Road Transport and Bridge Minister Obaidul Quader, who came under the leadership of the Election Commission.
On March 13, the daily Purbkon organized two round table discussions on ‘Crisis in Karnafuli Halda Sankh to be done’ and ‘8th September world-class city’ to do our work. City Mayor and City Awami League General Secretary AZM Nasir Uddin and CDA Chairman and City Awami League Treasurer Abdous Salam participated in those two discussions. Both talks are vividly discussed. There are several recommendations for coordination in the discussion. One of the recommendations was the coordination between the CDA and the City Corporation. If there is a combination, there will be a little bit of public discomfort. In these two meetings, two leaders are sitting side by side, talking about various issues.
But many leaders of the city Awami League have expressed doubts about how strong the unity in the Chittagong Hill Tracts Committee has been formed. Their opinion, keeping in view the Jatiya Sangsad elections, Bangladesh Awami League is not making any decision regarding constitution or breakdown of the committee. Because of the announcement of a committee of  BCL unit, BCL’s two parties have also made incidents of fights, fights and even firing. Its influence will also fall in the Awami League. Awami League leaders are concerned about BCL. Awami League leaders cannot be scared of getting involved in divisions while taking their followers.


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