Japan is keen to invest more in the Mega Five Project



Economic reporter:
Japan wants to invest more in the mega-five projects of the infrastructure sector. A high-level delegation of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has recently visited these project areas and told the finance ministry’s Economic Relations Division that they will inform Japan’s concerned authorities for further investment in these projects. Recently, JICA has informed the Economic Relations Division about the matter. According to Ministry of Finance sources, the projects are: Matarbari Port Development Project, Matarbari Ultra Super Critical Coal-Fired Power Project, Dhaka Month Rakyaped Transit Development Project, Direct Investment Promotion Project And Emergency Efficiency and Conservation Promotion Project. Japan has already invested 28,939 crore three lakhs rupees in the power project of Matarbari Ultra Super Critical Coal-Fired Power Project. In his letter, JICA said that their inspector team provided a very positive report on these projects. The current situation of these projects, all of the necessary facilities for their use in the future have attracted them. They are very satisfied with the security provided by the Interior Ministry to the delegation during inspection. So they suggested more investment in Bangladesh. According to the Ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh is now the place of confidence of foreign entrepreneurs after the country’s socioeconomic development, consistent growth in GDP growth and investment in the developing country after the initial recognition of the developing country.
Especially in Japan, USA and Thailand, entrepreneurs are interested in large-scale investment in Bangladesh’s large infrastructure sector. Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has visited Japan three times. Japan is our important business and financial partner. After the independence of Bangladesh, Japan has provided the most development support. Since independence, Bangladesh has provided financial assistance of 18.6 billion US dollars. “Japan offers technical assistance to 40 development projects in the development sector of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is grateful to Japan for this’ – added the commerce minister. He also said that in 2014, Japan’s Prime Minister announced the support of US $ 5 billion in the coming visit to Bangladesh. Referring to the recent Japan visit, she said, “Bangladesh’s investment policy, cheap and skilled manpower and investment climate have been very attractive to Japanese entrepreneurs. In the same sequence, they have bought Akis Group’s Tobacco business for investing around 12.5 billion taka. They have shown interest in investing in various projects, including investment in the five mega projects of the infrastructure sector. “FBCCI President Md. Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin said earlier, Japan has invested in different sectors. Their interest in Bangladesh is growing. Investment opportunities in Bangladesh are good. The socioeconomic status, growth of GDP – everything in Bangladesh is very good in Bangladesh. A fair environment of investment in Bangladesh has been created. Which has attracted them? “He also said,” Besides Japan, Thailand, the US also has an interest in investing in Bangladesh. They are coming in continuation. If they invest in Bangladesh, we will give them full support.
According to sources, the construction of 1,200 MW coal-fired power plants at Moheshkhali in Cox’s Bazar was started in January. Coal-based power plants will be built in Ultra Super Critical Technology. Approximately 18 percent of the work related to building roads, construction of townships has already been completed in the project area. The expenditure on construction of this power plant at 1414 acres of land in Matarbari Union has been estimated to be Tk 35,984 crore 45 lakh. Among them, loan assistance from the Japanese government has been found as 28,939 crore three lakh taka. The government has provided Tk. 7,445 crore for the government. Hope all power will be supplied to the national grid after completion of all the construction works by 2023, State Minister for Power Nasrul Hamid hoped that the power will be supplied to the national grid. He said, the 10 projects that are implemented in the priority of the government, the cost of the project is only after Ruppur nuclear power plant. In August 2015, the government approved a project of Tk 36 billion for the construction of electricity plant in Matarbari.
But under the tender process, the process of tendering has been postponed due to the killing of 17 foreigners, including Japanese engineers, in the attack by Holi Artisan Baker in Gulshan, the following year. Ending all the doubts, the company’s collaboration with Japanese Consortium Sumitomo Corporation, Toshiba Corporation and IHI Corporation, to implement the project on July 27 last year, the state-owned Coal Power Generation Company Bangladesh Limited  In addition to setting up power plants in Maheshkhali, the government has started construction of deep sea port and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal to build special economic zones and cities. It is expected that a large number of people will be employed



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