Green card applicants are screwed in the US


International Desk:

According to the new proposal, the immigrants who are taking food, shelter or healthcare will be considered as burdens and their application for green card may be rejected.
News BBC the Trump Administration is taking such initiatives to stop or harass various facilities for foreigners living in the United States. According to a Reuters report, it will be difficult to obtain food aid, housing or health care for foreigners who are going to live in the country legally.
Proposed regulations of the Department of Homeland Security are also meant to increase the ability to refuse immigration and visa permit permission for immigration officials.
People who have permission to live in the country have the legal right to get services on some things like health care. It will be difficult for foreigners to get these benefits if the new policy is implemented. Under the ongoing policy for nearly two decades, foreigners living with permissions were getting these benefits.
Now the new policies will be applicable for those who want a visa or want legal permission for permanent residence. However, those who apply for citizenship will not be applicable.


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