Alikadam Reserve Forest is going to the stomach of Bankhead



staff reporter:
More than 40 acres of reserve forests in Alikadam area of ​​Bandarban are being eroded for petrol-driven. There are many rare species of natural trees, such as champa flowers, roar, bellam, and the huge forest of Chimbuk ranges. For the last 8 years, this reserve is eliminating a tree smuggler of Chakaria and Alikadam. This natural reforestation forest has been developed by the people of Bandarban’s Alikadum road. The location of this reverse forest is located around 40 acres of Chimbuk range. The Thanhie Alikadam road is near the hill road due to smugglers extracting the trunk from the natural trees of the natural forest. Any tree cut in the forest is about 15 feet of fence. The big forest cannot be cut in the hands of the manual, now the whole forest area is being supplied with a patrol rotation. All the people living in the Dari Karbari para are people of Karma Dharma. Locals complained that the trafficking circle was sitting in front of the whole reserve rear wild after seeing the temptation to build a Karma temple in the area. They said that Alaikodom Upazila tree trader Mohammad Ali and Kutub Sodagar of Chakaria area have been extorting the mixed reversal. Recently, a number of journalists of Bandarban visited Thaneei and visited the Dari Para area on Alikadam road. There, it was found that the reserve forest was cut down on the side of the river. Larger natural forests of the forest have been cut and stacked with petalled saws to the ground. These trees are being trafficked in trucks, especially in the dark of night.
Locals said that the trees from Dari Para were deposited in Amtali area and taken from there to Chakaria. Besides, the precious tree of the reserve is being smuggled directly into Chakoriya by truck during the night. Pari Karbari (Para-major) Dari said that tree smugglers signed an application asking to build a Karma temple in Para, 8 years ago. Later, they took a 15-year contract with the application of deceit and then filed the petition. Smugglers have been cutting trees from the reserve reserves for the last 8 years for the construction of the Karma Temple. The people of the neighborhood said that workers are cutting the big trees in the reserve every day with petrol crusher. Although the use of hand-operated saws is more time consuming, the trees are now being cut using petrol-shaped saws. Abdul Matin, local UP member of Alikadam sadar union, said that precious rare species of trees were being trafficked in Diri Prabade for a long time. Alikadam Chakaria road, despite the check post, the smuggler is taking the tree in Chakaria by truck. They also gave complaints to the public representatives.


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