Various questions about administration activities Illegal establishment at Sugandha Point in the beach



Cox’s Bazar correspondent:
Cox’s Bazar Sugandha Point at Sea Beach is surrounded by a wave restaurant and the government land is occupied by taking millions of taka of land and making it filled with clay grounds. Then there was an attempt to create the names ‘Pani’ for the last one and a half years. But Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Assistant Commissioner (Land), the District Magistrate of the tourism cell of the district administration led by the Executive Magistrate was evicted 5 times and the land was seized from the occupation. The forest department has encircleed the land for the protection of Jhawgacha. Even the current head of the Assistant Commissioner (land) Nazim Uddin evicted the occupation and posted on the social networking site Facebook, ‘Dear Cox’s Bazar Sadar upazila, check out the pictures well. In just one acre, this wetland side of the beach has been trying to seize it with sand. It has been closed. — ‘But surprisingly, only two months, the land is being built at a cost of half the cost of the’ Khani Restaurant ‘, an elaborate food hotel. More than 20 zoo gases have been cut. Rather than throwing challenges with the administration, the work of increasing the restaurant is still open day and afternoon. There are several questions about administration activities.
When contacted, the owner of the restaurant, Nur Mohammad, said, “It has been evicted five times. But later, we are working on the restaurant with oral permission from the administration. ‘
A local businessman said on condition of anonymity, “In the last one and a half years, the administration has carried out five separate evacuation drives here. The videos of these operations were published on multiple TV channels. Regarding the eviction, there were reports twice in the past. It is also promoted through social media by the administration. Besides, it was encircled by forest department to protect the zawagachi. Now, there is a work to build a restaurant on the day-night filling the soil of the jowl. “He added,” Now the administration is verbally informed about the occupation, but the work is not doing anything. There have been many questions in the area.
Local Kabir Ahmed said, “The person named Nur Mohammad of Kotali area was fined by mobile court for the possession of the land and was fined by mobile court. But it is astonishing that he again open the jhagachha and fill the water from the clay to build the structure illegally.
Asked about this, Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Nazim Uddin said, “It has been evicted more than once. Now we have found that there is a restaurant in Poki.” It will be erased tomorrow. ‘
Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila Executive Officer Habibul Hasan said, ‘The restaurant will be closed.’
Cox’s Bazar Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate said. Kamal Hossain said that they would take quick action against these illegal occupants.
Note that 86.31 acres of land was allocated in 87 acres of land after the BNP-Jamaat came into power in 2001 in the 130-acre land of Khasiyan Khoriaan government in the Hotel-Motel zone of Cox’s Bazar beach. And among those allocations, come to Sugandha Point on the beach road next to the wave restaurant. Plots are allocated in the name of Alam Group. But in 2010, the government canceled the allotment of these plots and reduced the land to red with the red flag. Later, the writers of the lease ordered the High Court to file a status quo order. At present, the government and the lease holders are facing trial in the High Court while ownership of the land is being tried and the establishment is trying to build the structure by destroying the jhugga.


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