Awami League divided into three sections The rally was canceled in Sitakunda




Chittagong bureau:
Sitakunda organized a public meeting organized on the occasion of road-show of the central Awami League. The two ministers, Obaidul Quader and Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, canceled the meeting hours before the scheduled time. Meanwhile, Awami League organized the meeting in which the MPs were not invited. Upazila chairman claimed that MP’s complaint was not correct, in reality the MP did not want to come to the meeting on security grounds.
According to the sources, the central leaders of Bangladesh Awami League took initiatives to resolve the disputes of local leaders and workers through roadshows across the country. As part of this program, a public meeting was held on Saturday afternoon at Sitaku-Government High School ground. Participation was to include the statement of Awami League central general secretary Obaidul Quader and Engineer Mosharraf Hossain. Meanwhile Sitaku-Upazila Awami League is now divided into the Triptara. Some of the leaders and activists of the MP, Didarul Alam, followed the upazila chairman SM Al Mamun. Another group is the general secretary of the Upazila Awami League and former Upazila chairman Abdullah Al Baker Bhuiyan. There was also a great difference between the acting presidents of the thana Awami League. One of the MP followers and the other conducted the ceremony by acting as the acting president. The road-Shore will be chaired by the people in the opposition, and the opposition has started from the beginning. However, on September 20, the presidium member and minister Mosharraf Hossain said. Isaac will preside over and the general secretary Abdullah Al-Bakar will perform Bhuiyan. If the decision is accepted by everyone, then the meeting is prepared.
On the other hand, preparations for the posting of the whole upazila continued with the preparation of the platform at Sitakunda High School on Thursday. Preparations are also done on Friday night. On Saturday morning after the start of the mike, the meeting was canceled after 10am. Although initially denied the information, at one stage at one stage, all the activists agreed to cancel the meeting. Asked about this, local MP Alhaj Didarul Alam said, “I do not know whether the meeting will be canceled or canceled.  No one invited me to this meeting. Nobody has invited its UP chairman. So he did not know anything about this, commented. On the other hand, Awami League general secretary Abdullah Al Baker Bhuiyan said the minister and district leaders invited the MP They prepared for the meeting, talking to everyone. We have made preparations according to their instructions. Asked why the meeting has been canceled, he said, the ministers did not say that the meeting will not happen, so that is not happening. Meanwhile, Upazila chairman and Chittagong North District Jubo League president SM Al Mamun has accused the MP for canceling the meeting. He said, MP told the administration that he could not come to the meeting due to security. I said I’ll go to his car if needed or he should come to the meeting in my car. Actually he has become a man. Where are the leaders and workers like him? He was afraid to come to cover his distance with the team. MP Didarul Alam denied the allegation and said that people of Sitakunda know whether he is a person. It is no use to spread confusion by saying these things. In fact, a conspiracy conspired to keep him away from the meeting. That is why he did not receive the invitation.


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