The city’s canals, have gone inside the house or business organization: illegal possession will be released -CDA


Chittagong bureau:

The CDA says that illegal possession will be released, if it is legal, three times the cost, the canal will have no other option.

To overcome the water logging of the Chittagong Metropolis, the challenge of the implementation of the mega project taken by Chittagong Development Authority is about 250,000 illegal occupants. The city’s canals, have gone inside the house or business organization. Although the canal was started ‘literally’ since last Wednesday, there is uncertainty about how much can be saved from the two and a half thousand illegal occupants? Many of these 2,500 occupiers are quite influential. It is difficult to ensure proper flow of water through the reclamation of the canals and the people concerned are concerned. However, the Chittagong Development Authority said, no matter how powerful the occupier will be, no concession will be given. Every canal will be recovered through RS and BS seats and maps. Later, no one will be able to take the canal, so that the building will be built on the retreating wall and roads. The illegal occupier of the canal will have to leave. If someone owns property owned by the person, then it will be bought at three times. The CDA has also said that the canal and road will be built keeping in view the next hundred years of the year.

The Chittagong District Administration, Chittagong City Corporation and Chittagong Development Authority officials were informed that there are a total of 57 canals in the city. Meanwhile many canals do not exist. However, Chittagong Development Authority has been working with 36 canals at the beginning under the Mega project. These 36 canals will be dug to 5 lakh 28 thousand cubic meters of soil. This excavation has started from Chaktai and Maheshkhal since last Wednesday. Earlier the canals have been cleaned to clear water logging during different times. Dirt and mud have been taken. But literally means that excavation is not done. Under the mega project, the canal will be illegally seized and literally excavated. But this excavation has now become a big challenge.

Chittagong District Administration and Chittagong City Corporation have prepared a list of 39 illegal cannons of the city. About 2,500 people have been identified in this. Various people and organizations have built different types of establishments by taking canals in different ways.

A responsible source of the CDA said that the excavation work of Chaktai canal has started from Bahaddarhat. The Chaktay and Rajkhali canals occupy 136 occupiers. Of these, 48 occupants of illegal occupation of Chaktay canal Most of the seven kilometer long canals have become private property of these illegal occupiers. On the other hand, there are 88 occupiers in the Rajkhali canal. The large portion of the Rajkhali Canal has been lost. After leaving a large part of these canals, the area started drowning most of the area. The occupants of the highly influential are on top of the head

Mahal’s blessings on. They have not succeeded in trying to rescue the canal in the past. Many people have expressed doubts about whether the canal can be retrieved from their possession under the mega project.

According to information obtained from Chittagong City Corporation, there are 135 large illegal structures in 22 large canals in the city. Meanwhile, there is a building owned by Chittagong City Corporation. There are multi-storied buildings in different types of decks on the canal. Eight floors have been constructed from one floor to the canal. There are also hundreds of minor installations.

Mega Project Advisory Agency of Chittagong Development Authority has already started surveys in the canals. The canals are being leased out by seeing RS and BS seats. A senior official of the CDA said that those layers inside the layout should be removed. He said, if the houses inside the house of the canals are to be illegally occupied, then they have to move away. If someone can prove their personal property by showing property papers, then they will be bought at three times the price. He will not allow anyone to stay in the canal in any case.

Talking to Chittagong Development Authority Chairman Abdus Salam, he said, the consultant firm of Mega Project has already started working. Surveys are being done. After receiving the survey report, we will be able to sit with those who are in the house or in the canal. Our options are two If it is illegal then you will have to go three times and if it is legal then you will get three times the price. But the canal will be there. There will be a retaining wall on the bank of the canal. The road will be. There are no more options here.

It is to be noted that the government is implementing the mega project of Tk 5,616 core to reduce the water logging of Chittagong City. Under this project, 36 canal excavation works have been started. The Chittagong Development Authority’s project is implementing the army’s engineering core.


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