District administration license, no environmental clearances Government does not get tax from 312 brick kilns



Chittagong bureau:

According to environmental law, source for renewal of brick field license, the government has to pay Tk 60,000 in revenue including license fees and VAT. The government is not getting any kind of revenue from the 312 illegal brickfields in Chittagong. In this, the government is losing revenue of 18 million 72 lakh rupees per year. But the district administration has collected land tax (rent) of Tk 60 million from the illegal illegal brickfield.
District administration sources said, there are 408 brick fields in Chittagong. Meanwhile, 96 bricks of a valid brick field And 312 illegal bricks. The government is not getting any tax from the illegal brick field. Although the tax was not available, the land development tax (rent) was collected from all the brick fields. From the brick field in the current season (017-18-18), the target of land development tax has been estimated to be around 60 lakhs 70 thousand taka. On the contrary (last June) the rent has been collected 60 lakh 12303. That is more than six lakh more than the previous season.
District Revenue Committee has informed that eviction cases in illegal brick kilns have been filed against one hundred. Executive Magistrates have been appointed in 20. There are 30 court cases pending in the court. 30 cases have been issued in the notice. In order to take necessary measures to stop the illegal brick, the Upazila Executive Officer and Assistant Commissioner (Land) have requested the monthly revenue meeting of the district. But the administration is not taking measures against illegal bricks in the arbitrary and in decisional environment. Brickwork activities have been illegal for years due to the involvement of officials of the administration and environment department. There are allegations of getting benefits from the brick field owners in the name of different programs.
In order to get brick watcher license, the district administration has to pay 45 thousand taka, license fee of Tk 500 and the Department of Environment has to pay 15 percent VAT with 12 thousand five hundred rupees. There is a need to take environmental clearance with VAT of 14,375. In order to burn bricks, these two organizations have to initially get licenses at Tk 60 thousand. But the government is not getting any such tax from 312 illegal bricks in Chittagong. These brickfields are being illegally run year after year. For this, environmentalists misbehaved the district administration and environment department. On the other hand, Shubhankar’s stigma is being generated in income tax returns. According to several sources, income tax is provided by producing one-fourth of the brick production.
Talks with multiple brick-built managers, two to three to three thousand bricks are transported to a truck. Income tax is run by showing the sale of five to five thousand rupees per thousand bricks. Besides, a car is transported by multiple trips, but bricks are transported with only one invoice in the day. Vat shipment is also made by transporting two to two and a half thousand brick car vehicles. In one brick field, at least 40-50 lakh bricks are burnt in one season. But the income tax department is shown one-fourth of the bricks produced. ‘Packages VAT’ has been going on for a long time with the income tax department officials. That means, every 6-7 lakhs per liter of brick field in the suburban upazila and in the other areas of Satkania, Rangunia and other upazilas, there are four or five lakh rupees ‘tax levy’ system. The government is losing huge revenue in this.
Talking to two brickwandes manager and assistant manager of Boalkhali upazila, the information about this Shuvankar is available in Income Tax. A brick kiln manager told that bricks were transported to a ship full day. But in the city transportation, there is a separate VAT invoice.
According to the data collected in the revenue department of the district administration, the rent has been collected from the brick field of Chandgaon thana area, Tk 2 lakh 3 thousand 4 hundred. In Mirsarai upazila, Tk 2,4,812, Sitaku-upazila 7 lakh 49, 99 taka, Sandwip Tk 5 thousand one hundred, Fatikchhari upazila 7 lakh 49,140, ​​Hathazari upazila 9 lakh 15,750, Raozan upazila 2,80,80,22 Tk 4,10,550 in the money, Rangunia upazila, 84,400 in Boalkhali upazila, 42,976 in Patiya upazila, 18,480 in Anwara upazila, 4,41,414 in Chandnaish upazila, 10 in Satkania upazila 26435 explain the money, Lohagara at 50.503 Rs 7 lakh, has been earning money banshkhali at 98.808. Total recovered has been Tk 60 lakh 12303
According to the Department of Environment; the provisions of Article no. 59 of the Act of 2013 are prohibited from making brick without license. It has been said that no matter whatsoever in the other law for the time being in force, no person will be able to prepare the brick in the brick field without obtaining a license from the district administrator of the district situated in the brick field. But without breaking the brick-and-burn law, bricks have been made illegally for years. The government is losing big revenue. For this reason the environmentalists have blamed the administration of the district administration and the environment.
A top official of the Department of Environment told the precaution on the condition of not disclosing the name, there is no scope to update license renewal fee and update from non-licensed brick bits. If the license is not renewed then revenue will not be realized. In this, the government is losing big revenue every year. He said that environmental law has been tightened in the renewal of licenses and licensing of brick kilns. However, in the last few years, the Deputy Commissioner was conducting a mobile drive against the illegal brick field, but the Department of Environment was disintegrated.



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