There is no end to patient ambulances and passengers suffering Daily traffic congestion on Chittagong-Banskhali road



Chittagong bureau:
Though the government has decided to make safe roads and discipline, there are no rules and regulations for movement of trucks, buses, CNG operated taxi services on Chittagong-Banshkhali road. In addition to traffic congestion in every market, two days a week, on the Friday and Monday, Anwara Government road, traffic congestion on the road to cattle and buffaloes are being carried out. The long distance passengers traveling on the PAB road are carrying traffic risks to non-documented cars and uninsured drivers. In the last 5 years, 8 people died in road accidents and more than 100 women, men and children were injured. Many victims of the accident are still living in dysentery. Although officially instructed to evacuate the illegal market on the road, it is possible that the passenger’s passes for 3 hours on a 66-kilometer-long journey to the 66-kilometer-long passenger buses on PAB (Patiya-Anwara-Banskhali-Taitung) road.
The road workers, bus owners, passenger and administration sources said that the number of vehicles transported through police tokens is more than the number of unlawful cars, unlike the vehicles carrying traffic on a valid document on the Chittagong-Banshkhali road. 180 buses are being run by Banshkhali’s special service, Super service and local services on this route. 25 Sun-line buses, 120 trucks, mini trucks and 4/5 thousand CNG texts from Badarkhali and Maheshkhali cross the Sangu River crossing. Thousands of passengers from Taitang travel by bus, CNG, to various places in Chittagong, using the roads of PAB daily. In addition to the commute of passengers due to frequent traffic congestion in Hatbajars to go 66 Kms, the work hours are being lost due to traffic congestion. On leaving and leaving the city, trucks, buses and CNG televisions are located in the area of ​​Oil Barrage Hat, Garukh Bazar, Pukuria Chandpur Union Bank, Gunagari Bazar, Ramdash Hat, Bailchhari Bazar, Miyar Bazar, Upazila Sadar, Shilokup Time Bazar, Chambal Bari Hat. Traffic collapses. In this way, many patients died due to traffic congestion ambulance traffic on the way to the city from Chakaria, Pekua, Maheshkhali, Katubadia and Banshkhali using this road. Apart from this, accidental deaths and rioting, patients suffering from poisoned patients from different hospitals are being killed in a road accident before taking them to Chittagong Medical College Hospital and private hospital. The main roads are being renovated every day on the streets of the raw market and the house of the door. Later, the market and the shops are permanently ruined due to man’s work hours.
passenger – banker , government employee from Chittagong city, said that the documents do not have much documents, but the passenger travels by hour after hour. Regular frequent passengers do not have to suffer because of the market position on the road. The drivers of the taxis are not in the document, they are moving through token. During the morning morning and evening, traffic police searched the document. Still the traffic jams.
Traffic Inspector Md. Kamal Hossain said that the motor vehicles on the road were filed with the mobile courts. Due to expired documents, there is no regular insurance against driver and vehicle due to lack of insurance. All efforts are being made to free the traffic movement of this road.


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