The meeting was held at the exchange meeting The passport office has contacts with the brokers


Chittagong bureau:
Anti-Corruption Commission¬† (ACC) Director of Chittagong Division. Akhter Hossain said, “It is often heard that there is contact with the brokers under the passport office officials. The service holders suffered harassment in this. The ACC has filed a case against government officials in different places of the country for taking refuge in corruption. Many have been arrested. We do not want to sue against our fellow government officials. ACC directors said this at a exchange meeting titled ‘Quality Improvement Services in Government Office’.
The Anti-Corruption Commission and Metropolitan Corruption Prevention Committee organized the meeting at the auditorium of Panchlaish Regional Passport Office office on Wednesday. Deputy Director of Panchlaish Regional Passport Office In the chairmanship of Al Amin Mridha, ACC chief Akhter Hossain said that if the government officials honestly carry out their duties, ACC needs no ACC. It is not possible to form a corruption-free country by suing the courts and enforcing laws. Corruption should not happen if everyone is aware of their position.
Vice President of Chittagong University Pro-VC City Corruption Prevention Committee Prof Shirin Akhter, deputy director of the ACC’s coordinated district office Mohammad Lutful Kabir Chandan, in response to a question from the director of Panchlaish Regional Passport Office, Al-Ala, in the meeting with the help of Panchlaish Regional Passport Office. Amin Mridha said, “We are trying to help the service workers There is no victim of suffering. In the Panchlaish Passport Office, guard was installed in the gate to stop the entry of brokers. Today everything is going online. Anyone can apply for online passport online. You can also know where the requested passport is.
Deputy director Amin Mridha said many of the Rohingya refugees are trying to create Bangladeshi passports. Every day, four to five Rohingya passports are submitted for the passport office in the city’s Parnalaiish passport office. Application of passport is accepted on the basis of birth certificate, citizen certificate voter identity card given by the chairman of Union Parishad. The problem is that the chairmen of the Union Parishad are giving these documents to Rohingyas easily. Rohingyas’ tendency to build Bangladeshi passports is increasing day by day the matter is of concern.


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