‘Strawberry panic’ in Australia The prime minister warned of strict measures



Health desk:

Normal people are wounded by eating strawberries from the market. ‘Strawberry panic’ spread across Australia Authorities have ordered the investigation to find out who is behind it. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, angry about the whole issue His government has warned of more stringent punishment for criminals. On Wednesday, Scott Morrison said criminals should be 15 years in prison.
Such ‘needle insertion’ strawberries found in at least six states and regions of Australia. A minister described such an incident as a ‘abusive crime’. After eating such a ‘needle filled’ strawberry, one had to be taken to a hospital.
Officials said authorities have been investigating more than 100 complaints of stinging strawberries and other fruits from the past week since the beginning. In the meantime, a young man was arrested after accepting the responsibility of inserting the needle.
Meanwhile, strawberries that have been marketed by some companies from Australia’s shops have been withdrawn. New Zealand’s biggest supermarket chain has already stopped selling strawberries coming from Australia. Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt ordered the Food Safety Authority to investigate the incident. He described it as a kind of attack on ordinary people. But there is no trace of who or who is behind this yet.
The first needle in the strawberry was found last week in Queensland. Then it is found in strawberries in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.
Queensland authorities announced a one million Australian dollar reward to catch the victims of this incident. The Prime Minister of Queensland said that it is not understandable for a healthy brain worker to do such a thing that a child or a person might be in danger.



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