Nobody can say no to anyone’s throat: PM


Staff reporter:
Everyone has the freedom to speak. We always believe in the freedom of newspapers, journalists. No one can say that someone pressed his throat, pressed someone’s face or obstructed someone – did not give it, did not I? Rather, we have done what we need to do to establish the rights of the journalists.
In this regard, the Prime Minister Sheik Hasina said in a function to give financial assistance allowance / donation money to the family members of the sick, distressed and accidental injured journalists and families of the killed journalists on Wednesday (19th September). He urged the media and journalists to play a constructive and responsible role for the welfare of the country. –
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said freedom is good, but there is one thing – that freedom is good but it is not for the boy. Therefore, we should also look at it without using any kind of ballet. He said that constructive, responsible role should be played. This will be useful in the welfare of the country. This is reality. I hope you do that.
Prime Minister Sheik Hasina said, working with honesty, patriotism and self-confidence, I do not think about who wrote it against me.
‘I think – whether I am doing my self-confidence or not. I’m not right I depend on my self-confidence.
Commenting on newspaper and television news, Hasina said, “We are going to work for the country.” But I would personally say that I did not get very good publicity in newspapers or on television, I did not get co-operation. Maybe there may be owners who own it Because of them but there is a relationship with journalists all the time.
The Prime Minister highlighted family and personal relations with the newspaper. He said that there was a relationship with us in the struggle for movement. Going to the press club, eating dalpuri – there was also a relationship.
Describing the relationship of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Sheikh Hasina said, “You know that from the student life there was a relationship with Father of the Nation Father of the Nation.” Firstly a magazine named Ittehad, before it was a magazine called Millat. Then Ittefaq came out. He was always involved with these magazines. He has also sold the Ittefaq himself. And from East Bengal, he used to present the news in these newspapers.
He used to do his job in journalism. It has been written in autobiography also. He was a newspaper man, but his autobiography had clear writing. I would be happy if you think of me as one of your family from anywhere. There are clear texts on page 88 in autobiography.
The Prime Minister highlighted various programs taken by Bangabandhu in the welfare of the journalists including the government service allowance. He said Father of the nation gave full freedom to the journalists. Referring to the practice of reading newspapers from early childhood, the Prime Minister said that the magazine does not always write all the good things for me. Still read it. Whether there is any incident or whether there is any trouble, next to a stain. There are advantages of being in government. Keep it in the mark or send an SMS to my PS or APS
Plot-flat to solve journalists’ housing problems: Prime Minister mentioned various initiatives of the government to solve the housing problems of journalists. Regarding the issue of cooperation in the journalists ‘leaders about the issue of housing, the Prime Minister said,’ Here the problems of housing are raised. I know about the matter. When I did nam flat, I told you to have some flats that would be able to take journalists, artists and literary people on a hayar parsez. It was not for any reason.
He said, we are now doing some flat which will be the owner of this flat by paying a small amount of money, in installments. Those who want to be able to be The price will be paid from the rent. Every month as rent that will be considered worth it. That way we can give a flat.
The Prime Minister said, when the plot was given, many of the journalists got. Now it seems that if we did not plots, we would have given it a cluster and many could have made it possible. The Prime Minister announced a grant of Tk 20 crore to the Journalist Welfare Fund. He also urged newspapers and television owners to donate this fund. The Prime Minister said, I gave a fund of Tk 20 lakh. Later, I made welfare funds. Now the fund has 14 crore taka The Prime Minister announced another Tk 20 crore fund to this fund.Urging the owners to fund the funds, Sheikh Hasina said only two owners gave. I will request the rest. The fund will increase if the owners donate.
Highlighting the various steps taken by the government for the welfare of media and journalists, the Prime Minister said, we are doing our best to work for the welfare of the mass media.
Sheikh Hasina said that we are trying to work with sincerity in overall development of Bangladesh. The people will judge whether it is successful or not, how much of its benefits cannot be achieved. He said whenever I get the opportunity to serve the people – as a servant and I work in the mind and heart. I feel obliged to be Prime Minister – to the people, to the people among others, Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu, PM’s Information Adviser Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury, spoke on the occasion.


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