In ten days, 12 traffickers detained at Cox’s Bazar airport with vegetables Yaba’s Onslaught!



Cox’s bazar bureau:
A vegetable vendor will be leaving Dhaka for airport. That’s why he also got a ticket. Everyone is surprised to hear about it. Vegetable vendor will go to Dhaka! Then begins the round-the-clock campaign It is also a case of the police. The police took the matter seriously and started investigating themselves. On the evening of September 16, Shamsul Islam (50) entered the Cox’s Bazar airport with tandem. At that time, he was detained and searched the main gate of the airport. At one stage yaba tablets were rescued in shoe. The number of Yaba is 1,020. Detected Shamsul Islam is the son of deceased Nazir Ahmad of Balukhali Southpara of Palangkhali Union and vegetables seller of Balukhali Bazar.
Cox’s Bazar Sadar Police Station’s sub-inspector Emran Hossain said a police team on the news of going to a vegetable vendor with Yaba took place in the airport area. Tomato was stopped at the airport when he entered. After finding his shoes, he found 2020 pieces of Yaba. Initial interrogation, he admitted that he was taking Yabao on a private plane to a businessman in Dhaka.
Meanwhile, the security forces of the airport have arrested two women, including four thousand 20 yahas, on Tuesday. They are wife of Al Amin of Jaya village of Moulvirahat, Bhola and Bilkis Begum (20), wife of Imran Hossain of Bisari Padua village under Banaripara upazila of Barisal. Meanwhile, Jainal Abedin (41), son of late Maqbool Ahmed Chowdhury, and Didar Mia, 35, son of Ahmad Rashid (35) of East Moricha village of Miricha of Ukhia upazila of Cox’s Bazar, were arrested. Four detained passengers of Navoir Bike 932 Make four of their tickets together. In connection with the initial interrogation, two associates said they were identified with a woman in a restaurant. Later, they collected planes to fly together in Dhaka.
Not only was that, about 15 people arrested during the last 10 days of Yaba trafficking at the airport. They were going to Dhaka with Cuba and Yaba from Cox’s Bazar. Suddenly, the activities of Yaba smugglers have increased in Yaba state-run border district Cox’s Bazar. Yaba smugglers have become active due to the road and road traffic in the airway, said the concerned people.
According to law enforcement sources, during the search of the Cox’s Bazar Airport in the last ten days, 12 passengers, including the model, were arrested with Yasawas. They were recovered from 32 to 70 pieces of Yaba. The estimated market value of these Yaba is about Taka. They were trying to trace Yaba in different ways, especially shoes and vanity bags.
In the meantime, on Sep 7, police arrested three people, including women from Cox’s Bazar air force, while hiding in Yuba under the shoes-vanity bag. They were rescued 4,800 pieces of Yaba from them.
Earlier, on September 12, at the main gate of the airport, RAB-7 detained 3 traffickers with 22,400 pieces of Yaba. The estimated value of the rescued Yaba is Tk 12.1 million.
Apart from this, detectives also detained the Ramp Model named Kanta Akhter Swapna (24) along with 200 pieces of Yaba from Cox’s Bazar Airport.
Civil society representatives have expressed concern over the sudden increase in airport-centric yaba pavement. They say that due to the strains on roads and waterways, Yaba traders chose the sky as their alternative route. But think about how fast the members of law and order are active.
‘General Secretary of Cox’s Bazar district unit (Sujon), Mahbubur Rahman said that due to the increase in the activities of the law enforcers on the road and sea, a group of Yaba traders were trying to trace the airplane. If there is no immediate action against them, the sky will be used as the main route to Yaba. Therefore, the Cox’s Bazar Airport needs to be further enhanced by the administration.
President of Cox’s Bazar Civil Society Abu Morshed Chowdhury Khoka said, the Detectives of RAB, Police and Drug Detector were detaining the airplane with Yawab. It will be difficult to prevent Yaba traders if they do not break the foundation. Yaba traders adopt new strategies and choose the skyline. So the Cox’s Bazar Airport will have to be searched.
Director of the Department of Narcotics Cox’s Bazar Assistant Director Somain M. Laugh said, “We held several operations and arrested the pilots.” Yaba was also rescued from them. There is a plan to further increase the expedition.
Major-Mehedi Hasan, commander of RAB-7 Cox’s Bazar camp said that traffickers are trying to trace Yaba in new ways. Yaba was able to catch RAB with all the tricks of the traffickers. So a team of RAB working in the airport area was present.
Asked about this, Cox’s Bazar Additional Superintendent of Police Mohammad Iqbal Hossain said the police have a white-eyed detective. Youth passengers were being arrested. But they are adopting new techniques every day. So they got to get a little bit stuck. However, police operations in the airport are continuing, police said.


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