End of war era: new agreement reached two … Kim promises to shut down the main nuclear plant, soon to Seoul tour



International desk:
North and South Korea have one more step ahead of peace After a private meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Mon Zayein, he gave a joint statement on this. Two leaders said Wednesday that they agreed to turn the Korean Peninsula into a nuclear and risk-free land.
After the meeting, Mr. Jean-in said in a joint press conference with Kim, “The era of war has ended. Today North and South Korea have decided to remove all risks from the entire Korean Peninsula. “The North leader Kim John Yongbian has agreed to stop the nuclear installations, but he has conditioned that the United States will take similar steps. Of course, what Kim hopes to do from America is not clear. North Korean President Kim Jong Un will soon tour Seoul.
He also agreed to stop the missile testing site in front of international inspectors. North Korea’s nuclear disarmament issue is a major issue in the meeting held in Pyongyang, but the progress is limited. However, both leaders signed an agreement to strengthen relations between the two Koreas.


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