BCL clash again in Chittagong College



Chittagong bureau:
The clash between the two groups of Chittagong College Chattra League on Wednesday again. At 1pm, chase counter-chase, road blockade, raising arms, blank shot and cocktail blasts. This clash occurs on the second day of the college committee announced.
Witnesses said that at around 1pm, a large number of exotic young people came along with students in the neighborhood of Chittagong College. airms was seen on some of them. Meanwhile, protesters from the campus came out and started a procession towards Gani Bakery. Exiles also join them. At one stage they tried to block the road. The procession first came in front of Gani Bakeri. From there, Gulzar was again inclined. From there, Gani Baker came forward to face the two sides. Then there were three cocktail blasts in the chase. In the meantime, a young man was seen to shoot empty bullets in front of the police. Later, police went to the police station and beat some people and beat them. After police chased them, they entered the college. At about 20 minutes of the movement of the car stopped.
One shopkeeper in the area said a cocktail blast was on one side, while on the other hand a group of youth was vandalizing the vehicle. The front glass of the shop was vandalized. Meanwhile, panic, school students and their parents spread panic. Many people started rushing to death.
It may be mentioned here that on Monday night, the Chittagong University Chhatra League’s 25-member partial committee approved the city’s Chhatra League president Imran Ahmed Imu and acting general secretary Zakaria Dastagir. Mahmudul Karim is the president and Subhash Mallick Sabuj has been made the general secretary. After rejecting the committee, last night, blockade in front of Chittagong College for nearly two hours, the protesters blocked the road.


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