5 million Yemeni children in Saudi aggression in the face of famine



International desk:
The UK-based non-government organization Save the Children warns that 10 million children in Yemen have been at risk of famine in the war-torn Middle Eastern country. Due to the increase of food and fuel prices due to the aggression of the Saudi-led coalition, they have said that the famine has been created. According to a new report from Save the Children, at present 52 million Yemeni children are at risk of famine.
The new report has shown that food supply is inconvenient due to wartime due to food shortage. In early 2015, Houthi rebels in Yemen occupied most of the western part of the country including the capital city of Sanaa. The country’s President Abdrababu Mansoor Hadi was forced to leave the country.
Saudi Arabia and the UAE, feared about the possibility of the emergence of another Shiite group supported by Iran in the Middle East, is actively trying to power Hadia again. In view of that goal, the Saudi-led coalition launched a military campaign against Huthey. The fight spread to Yemen in this. Most of the relief sent to rebel-held areas of the country goes to the areas through the main sea port Hudaydah. But due to the fighting around Hudaydah, the supply of relief to the rebel-controlled areas was at risk. There was fear of becoming more vulnerable to the prevailing situation.
According to a new report from Save the Children, food shortages in the country can go to unprecedented levels because of supply disruption to Hudaya port of Red Sea. According to the BBC, rising food prices and rising prices of Yemeni currency due to war are increasing in the number of households falling under the risk of food insecurity. Earlier this month, Save the Children reported that they have treated nearly four million children under five years of age, who are suffering from acute malnutrition. The private organization warned that more than 36 million children could die before the end of this year.



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