The United States announces new six-thousand Chinese products tax



International desk:
The United States has imposed new tariffs on Chinese products. The tariff has been imposed on nearly six thousand items worth 20 billion dollars. It is one of the steps to impose the highest tax on the United States in the ongoing trade war between the two countries. The new tax will be effective from September 24. These are known from British media’s BBC report.
On 22 March, Trump signed an order for imposing duty on imported Chinese products at a price of 50 billion dollars. Trump alleged that China is stealing and transferring merit from various US organizations. In response, China will increase 25 percent duty on 128 products imported from the United States at the beginning of April.
Its monetary amount is about 300 million dollars. In this situation, trade war between the two countries started. Following the talks between the representatives of the two countries in May, the suspension of possible trade war was announced. However, on June 15, a new 25 percent import duty on Chinese products worth 5000 crore was announced by Trump.
In response, China announced the imposition of duty on US products of the same value. The announcement of taxation on Chinese products worth $ 20 billion worth of new ones has been announced.
According to the BBC report, tax on products like handbags, rice and textile will be imposed. Duty on smart watch and high chairs is expected to be imposed, but it has since been dropped from the list. First 10 percent of the goods will be effective on the goods and it will be increased to 25 percent from the beginning of next year. The tariff will remain in force until the two countries reach the agreement.
China has warned earlier that counter-measures will be taken if the United States has imposed new taxes. But warned China, US President Donald Trump said that the United States will take immediate action for the third chapter if the counter-measures are taken. This means that more than 26.7 billion dollars will be imposed on Chinese goods.


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