Super Four is sure but Bangladesh is not in comfort



Sports reporter:
The Indian cricket team has kept two matches in the two-day matches of the Asia Cup Group Tour. After the match against Hong Kong yesterday, they will face the high-voltage match today, against arch-rivals Pakistan. Before the tournament began, there was a lot of criticism surrounding the Indian cricket team. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) did not make any changes to the list in the face of strong objection. The Asian Cricket Council As a result, Rohit Sharma’s team will play two matches in two days. Another issue that has been criticized by critics of India’s index, but has prevented everyone’s attention from being overlooked. Another problem is similar.. According to the schedule of the Asia Cup, the group will face the final of the group stage of the 20th edition of ‘B’ Group Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The third team of ‘B’ group Sri Lanka has lost both their matches, and it has already been confirmed that the Super Four of Bangladesh and Afghanistan But the Super Four is guaranteed but there is no chance of being in the comfort of Bangladesh or Afghanistan. Because, according to the schedule, the 20th edition of the group stage will be played on the first match of the Super Four Round on the final day of the match. Not only this, if you cannot be a group champion, you will have to fly from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. In the group stage, Bangladesh and Afghanistan will play their last match at Abu Dhabi’s Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium. The next day will be two Super Four matches in the field. Group ‘A’ runners up and Group ‘B’ champions in Abu Dhabi and will play in Group ‘A’ Champion and Group ‘B’ runner up in Dubai. That is, in their last match of the 20th Group, they will have 140km away from the group runner-up. The last day of the match at the end of the night, 140 km travel and the next day again will fall to the field. What is a very difficult job in the hot summer of the Arab Emirates? And the team does not have the chance to be relieved of their last match in the group to avoid this difficult task. Mushfiqur Rahim’s injury to Tamim Iqbal’s team, or injury to his left knee due to injury to Shakib Al Hasan, the Bangladesh team had the opportunity to rest their game against Afghanistan. But under the ‘Master Win’ standing in front of the Super Four ‘s tough index, thinking about giving rest to players like Shakib-Mushfiq will be difficult for team management.


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