Saudi King’s gift of millions of gifts to the beautiful presenter of Kuwait


International Desk:

Saudi King Salman has sent some gifts to Kuwait’s TV presenter and social media star Salma Bolland for some 3 million real pounds. The whole country is hot on this Saudi Arabian king Riyad has sent a luxury gift to the star hotel in the country as a gift, according to a report of the country’s Al Arabi
People are ridiculed by the Saudi King for giving these luxurious gifts. But Saudi authorities have arrested three people on Tuesday for suspected involvement in cheating with the presenter using the name of the king.
The 37-year-old fan has more than 3.5 million followers in Instagram. On Monday he posted a video there. It shows that he is opening a gift box in the hotel room. And out of the box, we found gold ornaments, flowers and clothes.
He said, while entering the hotel room, one employee was given a lot of gifts and a carriage was given in his room. These luxurious gifts included a box decorated with many fragrant bottles. There he was carved his name with parents.
A message in the box was written, ‘Halima Abdul Jalil Bolland, the world’s most beautiful woman. Under whose feet the whole world will be heading. In the same video, it is seen in the box that the Saudi king’s seal is drawn in the box.  soon after this hash tag spreads in Saudi Arabia, ‘King has sent a gift to Halima’ written in Arabic. Also, many ridicule the Saudi king’s expensive gift on Twitter and the corruption of the Saudi royal family.
A Saudi Arabian newspaper reported on Tuesday that the Saudi police had seized the Saudi king’s name on Tuesday and arrested three people in the absence of cheating with the star.


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