Salahuddin family or someone new BNP candidate



Monirul Islam Parvez :
Factikchhari upazila BNP convener committee has two Advocates Alhaj Salahuddin and Member Secretary HM Nasir Uddin are leading a committee. The other committee is led by convenor Sarwar Alamgir and member secretary Shahjada Omar Faruque. Upazila BNP surrounded the two committees of the BNP.
On condition of anonymity, a leader of Fatikchari Upazila BNP leader said, a committee of the divided district BNP wants people to come from outside and get candidates in this constituency. The other committee has been asked to get the child of Fatikchari to be the candidate from the BNP. The activities of the Fatikchari BNP are in progress around the two committees of two committees. There is also a growing division in the party. Even the activities of the party are going on differently. The team is getting worse than being strong in this. If the division is not resolved at this moment, the BNP candidate will get the speed in the next election.
Meanwhile, talking to the party leaders and activists about the upcoming eleven parliamentary elections, the BNP nomination in Fatikchari seat is a new face. It will be decided from the party candidates. In 2008, BNP candidate Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury won the parliamentary elections in the ninth parliament. After the execution of the execution of war crimes accused BNP, the BNP is facing a crisis in the constituency. Many of the BNP’s are now in the field by utilizing this opportunity of the candidates crisis. Nomination too Nominations are all new faces. A BNP source said that the force is taking urgent action to get nomination from Fatikchari constituency. At least half of the BNP leaders are running. They are working differently to get the desired nomination. But now many dramatics are waiting for the nomination of BNP candidate. Many nominees have been maintaining constant contact with the field politics as well as in the center. It is your own necessity to highlight The center is also searching for possible nomination-seekers in various ways. However, a party source said that the party has decided to nominate Farhat Quader Chowdhury, wife of former MP Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, in the constituency. Besides, some of the prominent nominees of the BNP nomination in the Fatikchari constituency are: BNP’s convener committee member of the district BNP. Khurshid Jamil Chowdhury, BNP central executive committee member and former justice Faisal Mahmud Fayzi, former PGR chief and Fatikchari BNP joint convener Colonel (retd) Kazi Gani Chowdhury, editor-in-chief of Azimullah Bahar and BNP central committee, along with information and research affairs.
A source from the BNP said, Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury of BNP won the election of Ninth National Parliament in Fatikchari constituency in 2008. After his verdict on war crimes trial took effect, the name of his wife Farhat Quader Chowdhury has been named as the candidate. A group of BNP has been actively trying to make him a candidate. But Farhat Qader Chowdhury or his close reaction was not found in the matter. The member secretary of the Chittagong Division and the convenor of the North district BNP and the joint convener of Fatikchari branch of the party is in charge of the former Civil Surgeon Dr. Khurshid Jamil Chowdhury. He has been involved with politics since his student life. He was also involved in various organizations including the former general secretary of BMA Chittagong division and former vice-president of the central committee. In 2009, he was reluctant to retire from his job and became involved in politics. Presently he is actively involved in the Fatikchari and the North District BNP. He is nominated from the BNP in the next eleventh parliamentary election. Khurshid Jamil Chowdhuryben, “I have been involved in politics since my student life. I am working to strengthen BNP in Fatikchari. I am nominated from the BNP in this election. ”
Another nominee of Fatikchari, BNP central executive committee member, and Juba Dal’s former law secretary and former justice Faisal Mahmud Fayzi. It is known that he is seeking nomination from BNP in the next election. Regarding the nomination, he told .’In 2008, Madam gave me nomination. But I returned Saladin Quader Chowdhury. As Madam does not move his words. So, I am the candidate of BNP in the next election, it is 100 percent sure. ”
Former PGR chief and Fatechchhari upazila BNP joint convener Colonel (retd) Azimullah Bahar is another nomination candidate from Fatikchhari constituency. Former military officer to complete graduation from the United States,. He also served as a military adviser to the Bangladesh Embassy in London.
About the nomination, Colonel (ret.) Azimullah Baharbalen, ‘I am nominated from the BNP for Fatikchhari constituency. Hopefully the party will nominate me. ‘
Besides, former BNP vice-president Mirza Mohammad Akbar, former vice president of the district BNP, and current convenor of Fatikchhari upazila BNP Alhaj Salahuddin, BNP’s industrialist Rakibul Alam Chowdhury will also want to nominate the party.
MPs at Fatikchari
Nurul Alam Chowdhury of Awami League won the Fatikchari seat in the first parliamentary election on 7 March 1973. BNP’s Jamal Uddin Ahmed won the second parliamentary election on 18 February 1979. Awami League’s Nurul Alam Chowdhury won the third parliament election on May 7, 1986. The fourth parliamentary elections were held in 1988 in three years of this election. National election was won by Majharul Haque


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