Not the alliance, party candidates want Awami League activists



Chittagong bureau:
Chittagong-2 is more than half of Awami League candidates in Fatikchhari constituency. One of the leaders of this conflict-plagued leader has created a strong unity. Everyone is talking alike. That is: They are not the candidate of the alliance, but from the Awami League they want the candidate. Najibul Bashar Maizwah-Rari has been elected as the candidate of the Grand Alliance from this constituency in the last parliamentary election. This time he said he was optimistic about getting the nomination from the Grand Alliance.
Awami League candidates from this constituency are former MP and district Awami League president Nurul Alam Chowdhury, former Upazila chairman and district Awami League’s former organizing secretary ATM Payarul Islam, district Awami League’s industrial and trade affairs secretary Fakhrul Anwar, district Awami League member . Shahjahan, Khadijatul Anwar Soni, former Upazila Chairman Aftab Uddin Chowdhury, Sadat Anwar Sadi and district council member Akhtar Uddin Mahmud Parvez.
Fatikchhari Upazila Awami League is basically divided into two parts. A part of the Awami League, the current Upazila Chairman Toudul Alam Babu, Abu Tayeyas. But they were expelled from the Awami League. The other group is the present committee of upazila Awami League. The leaders of the current committee have good relations with Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, Presidium member of Bangladesh Awami League. The expelled party leaders blamed the engineer Mosharraf Hossain for the fatekchhari Awami League clash. After being criticized for the rally, they were expelled from the team. There is also a dispute between the family of late MP Rafiqul Anwar and former Upazila chairman ATM Payarul Islam. Among them, Rafiqul Anwar’s family is divided into two groups. Rafiqul Anwar’s younger brother Fakhrul Anwar has been nominating Awami League nomination. Rafiqul Anwar’s daughter Khadijatul Anwar Soni also hoped for nomination. Soni got nomination from Awami League last time. However, the seat was released to the Tariqat Federation. There are also group-subgroups among Awami League leaders in this seat.
Fatikchhari Upazila Awami League General Secretary Nazim Uddin Muuribalen, as a worker of South Asia’s largest organization Bangladesh Awami League, will definitely work for boat symbol in the parliamentary elections. Everyone who will give a boat symbol to Sheikh Hasina will work for her victory. But our demand for the leader is that a candidate from Awami League was nominated for this seat. Many people are interested in the election because there are eligible candidates of Awami League. But the candidate will eventually get a nomination. Last Hasina’s decision and symbol of the party is most important to us. At Fatikchari, Awami League devoted himself to the party’s half-party leader. Because they are not party MPs, they are unprotected and helpless families today. There is no one to watch them. We want a leader who meets all party leaders in the shelter.
About the dispute, he said, the presidium member of Bangladesh Awami League called for an extended meeting of the district Awami League, the expatriates are reluctant to say. He instructed them to work together unitedly.. Political etiquette has done extra work. We have taken an initiative to work with them on the instructions of the leader. Upazila Awami League has given them letters to participate in the extended meeting. I told them, work sincerely for your team. We will take initiative to withdraw your expulsion. But they did not come to the Upazila Awami League meeting. However, the upazila Awami League is still ready to work with them. But they also have to be sincere.
Present MP Najibul Bashar told that he is preparing for the election as a candidate of the 14-party alliance. He will be elected as an alliance candidate from Fatikchari seat. Referring to all preparations for the election, he said that if he is the candidate, then Awami League will work for him forgetting all the differences.
Former MP Nurul Alam Chowdhury said, I want to nominate the leader. If he decides, I will definitely choose. He said that if he gets the nomination, he can ensure victory, he said, “I am above all conflicts. There is no conflict with me in the party. So everyone will work for me. ‘
Former Upazila Chairman and District Awami League’s former organizing secretary ATM Payarul Islambalena, in 2008, the leader nominated me. I had a situation like winning. Because of some of the influential people in the group, I lost a small vote. Those who joined hands with Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, formed an anti-humanist MP at Fatikchari, through development work. We have developed hundreds of cores of rupees including the construction of Bhujpur Rubber Dam, construction of new roads, establishment of two municipalities, establishment of judicial magistrate court, Bhujpur thana building and construction. There are plans to accept several more mega projects. If the leader nominates, he will be able to win this victory, he said, besides the Fatikchari Awami League, the people are with him. Regarding political life, she said that she is associated with BCL politics since her school days. Four decades of political life has passed. Referring to the election of the chairman of the upazila in 1991, he said, “Where is the need of the Fatikchhari Ankh-Kanache, what is the need of the people to work in the development of the area, at its fingertips. So the MP of Fatikchari is elected as MP


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